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LauraPalmersMom430 t1_jdipg6b wrote

Moniker Brewery: lots of outdoor space to sit and bring your pup. Sometimes there’s a pop up food truck there or grab some take out from Pizza J, The Sandwich Hut, or Yi Noodle Bar all within walking distance and eat it there. Grab a tricycle ice cream sandwich across the street too. For parks I’d add India Point/The River Walk pedestrian bridge, Prospect Park is great view of the city at sunset and great spot to bring take out to eat there.


D_2_DA_E OP t1_jdir6z7 wrote

Big thanks. I’ve seen so many videos/pictures and so on and the city looks absolutely gorgeous.

Will definitely check out the brewery and those parks you mentioned.

Hopefully the weather holds up.


dfts6104 t1_jdiz834 wrote

Moniker is such a mid brewery in a city full of really good breweries. Try long live instead.


lightningbolt1987 t1_jdk794l wrote

Disagree. Moniker has the best outdoor space and location. Great to be out by the fire pits and food trucks and on west fountain.

I love the beer at long live but dont send this guy to deep west end rather than the cool part of federal hill.


dfts6104 t1_jdk8v8w wrote

That’s fair. It’s like less than a mile away tho, lol