Submitted by SpaceJamJ t3_1227i7i in providence

Recently moved here and have been trying to find the best pizza place. Every Friday I have tried a new place and I have yet to find “the” place.

I have tried Pizza Coin (worst one so far even though rated a 4.8 on google reviews… 5/10), Piemonte Pizza & grill (6/10), Napolitano’s Brooklyn pizza (7/10), and Rosa Mia’s Pizza (6.5/10).

What place in providence has regular cheese pizza that you deem to be between a 8/10 - 10/10?



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Wonderful_Bother9172 t1_jdp40ro wrote

Pizza Marvin, Pizza J, Nice Slice, Catanzaro in Cranston, A Guy and His Pies on Instagram.

This is in no particular order just places I don't get disappointed by..

Rosa Mia you need to request it well done.


overthehillhat t1_jdql5ft wrote

Me too --

always good --

I should weigh 300lbs

actually I never met a pizza I didn't like


WickedDog310 t1_jdrakfr wrote

Give how thick Rosa Mia's is and what type of pizza they're making, it really is one that's made for toppings. I like Minerva's for nice plain simple cheese pizza, they are so generous with the cheese, it's amazing


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hoplite616 t1_jdpbj7c wrote

The only correct answer and anyone who downvotes is a coward


weednpornnpolitics t1_jdperbv wrote

Overrated for cheese, nice slice beats them by a mile. Also jesus fellini RUNS on cocaine, its wild


Previous_Floor t1_jdrmc55 wrote

There is never only one correct answer when it comes to pizza. Downvoted.


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdpaamy wrote

My vote is not technically in Providence, but pretty darn close if you’re on the East Side: Jeff’s in East Providence, (pretty much just over the Henderson bridge).

If it HAD to be in the city limits, it’s probably Roma on Atwells. That stuff is magic.

Then again, it depends what kind of pizza you like, Casertas is defacto Sicilian, Lost Valley is Neapolitan, Marvin is New Haven, Big Tony’s (near Pizza Coin) is legitimately NY Style, Sicilias is Chicago, Alforno is Providence grilled, Guy and his Pie is Detroit, etc…though you may really like New England Greek Style - which is most of them.

(The above list is not testimony that these spots are the best at their chosen style, just a rundown of styles).

Providence pizza places:


Bandersnatch13 t1_jdpmdhb wrote

YES!!! Jeff's is so good. But what is it? Portnoy said it reminded him of New Haven. So he asked Jeff. Jeff said "New Haven meets New York."


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdpn8d6 wrote

I don’t sense any oil in the crust like NY style, plus they’re a little more wonky shaped than NY.

Definitely feels more New Haven to me.


Bandersnatch13 t1_jdqssgx wrote

Yeah I don't know what aspects of New York style he has adopted when he says "New Haven meets NYC"


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdquxtr wrote

So many places claim to be NY Style - that clearly are not.

I think it’s just a name thing to get people in the door.

New Haven style just isn’t propped up by being in the center of American media.


bobwells1960 t1_jdr3u5m wrote

I love how many styles of pizza you can get in the Providence area.


bobwells1960 t1_jdr4xy2 wrote

Pizza strips, Greek, grilled, Roman, New Haven, NYC, Twins/Caserta’s, sicilian….. is there a Detroit style in RI? We have one here in Reston and it’s damn good.


weednpornnpolitics t1_jdpezg5 wrote

Dude marvin is not new haven, jeffs is. The Sicilian is the pie to talk about at marvin. Also re detroit hotline is the move. And lets not forget we have a frank pepes in warwick.


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdpfqm7 wrote

Marvin opened citing Sally’s as their model, and stated plainly that they were doing New Haven style (see below).🤷🏼‍♂️

And I never forget about Pepe’s, but it’s a 20 minute drive to their place in Warwick if you hit traffic right.


GotenRocko t1_jdpoaf0 wrote

yes, Jeff's is my favorite too. But honestly if I hadn't moved down the street from it I probably never would have tried it, when I lived in the east side I never went into East Providence. Jeffs is a hidden gem, but its definitely getting more popular, sometimes I can't even get through the phone line now, I try to order early now, its a good thing I can just walk to it in 5 minutes.


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdr1aqo wrote

They are on Slice, the issue is Slice doesn’t have their correct hours so you can’t always rely on it - but sometimes it’s helpful.

I asked them point blank if ordering that way took away too much of their margin and they’d prefer I call - they were non-committal.


GotenRocko t1_jdr1v5m wrote

Yeah that's why I call too figured the apps take too much out of the thier cut. Now that they are open for lunch most days I just order before the evening rush.


liliumsuperstar t1_jdqlyd6 wrote

Jeff’s is the correct answer. Like you I was on a quest and this was the result.


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdqm5ob wrote

You find any other gems? So far I’m pretty sad that my findings are precisely what the yelpgeist is.


liliumsuperstar t1_jdqq78f wrote

So it’s not “classic cheese pizza” but Flatbread is very good for what it is. Antonio’s is yummy but I’m more in it for the toppings there. Twins is good but not my preferred style. Providence Coal Fire. My husband likes Pizza J. Al forno for fancy nights.


Throwaway1231200001 t1_jdpd1so wrote

Guy bad mouthing New England Greek style over here. Joking aside, and if you don't mind the drive, Zorbas in No. Pro is a home run for Greek style. Pretty much reminds me of the stuff I grew up with in the South Shore.


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdpe6kb wrote

Ya like what ya like, clearly there is a large market for this kind of pizza….but rarely are they cited as a destination pizza in food reviews like the OP asked for.


Throwaway1231200001 t1_jdpey9q wrote

It's what I grew up with. Depending on where OP is from, I actually had to hunt down Greek style pizza here compared to the much better options that exist.


orm518 t1_jdvymvo wrote

Adding Jeff's to my list, hadn't heard of it.


FrutaFertil t1_jdqdfwp wrote

Pizza J is my favorite pizza in town and I would strongly recommend trying it! Lately it’s been even better than before. I love holding up a slice with a crispy bottom, no tip sag, but also beautifully cooked without being burnt/charred.

Piemonte is not good pizza at all. I’m always shocked it gets recommended on here.


V0nH30n t1_jdp66q1 wrote



KangaPup t1_jdp6slz wrote

I’ve heard about this one!! An old man I work with told me I’m not a “true Rhode Islander” unless I go here, LOL!


V0nH30n t1_jdp7mp1 wrote

You can't be a true Rhode Islander, but your kids could.

You'll need some deep held beliefs about which pizza strip is best, (DePetrillos or fuck off)

"Know a guy" for at least a dozen different things (min of 7 "guys")

Violently firm positions on red vs white (it's white btw, red is fine if they're out of the good stuff), and know and appreciate a good clam cake.

There's more, I'm sure others will help out with this list


orm518 t1_jdvyxu7 wrote

> You can't be a true Rhode Islander, but your kids could.

I always go back and forth whether we adhere to the rule Mainers do, "just because a cat has kittens in the oven don't make 'em biscuits" or we permit first-generation born in RI to call themselves Rhode Islanders.


V0nH30n t1_jdwwz56 wrote

This isn't Maine. Plus we have a habit of picking up strays, and kinda trapping them here, as a state. So in my book, if they grew up here amongst my kids, if they have an accent and have a preferred party pizza, they're Rhode Islanders. Yeah first generation. It don't take long to get salt in your bones


bbristow6 t1_jdr4921 wrote

Depetrillos has the best pizza strip in the state!!👏🏼👏🏼


Tortankum t1_jdpt784 wrote

If you want Sicilian get twins instead of casertas.


Throwaway1231200001 t1_jdpdhxa wrote

Pizza Marvin is solid but a wee bit fancy for my day to day pizza. Not My Daddy's right over the line in the bucket was my go to


Wide_Television_7074 t1_jdth7pf wrote

Twins Pizza by a mile over Caserta. Best single slice is Napolitano. This post is about cheese pizza not novelty pizza.


Mekator9000 t1_jdp3pyu wrote

I like Napolitano's but you gotta ask for extra crispy. Pizza Marvin is worth a shot


GotenRocko t1_jdpoeau wrote

The white pizza is great too, and technically a cheese pizza.


msg456 t1_jdqtkiw wrote

Via Roma.


Born-Yesterday-8602 t1_jdqulnm wrote

Roma on the hill honestly has the best pizza in RI, closest I’ve found to true NY style , only downside is they’re a deli so they do close at 6


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdwfjjj wrote

The nonchalance of this comment made me curious, so I checked out Roma today.

It’s not my understanding of NY Style (I think NY style has a smooth bottom and tiny crust bubble structure - both due to the oil in the dough). This is WAY better. Light, airy, crunchy, chewy, tangy - everyone is chasing a style, they seem to have this one all to their own.

Holy crap this was good pizza, I’ve not had any like it.


Born-Yesterday-8602 t1_jdwfv6v wrote

what the public views as “NY Style” and what true NYers like me who grew up there actually eat is way different tbh, napolitanos is a good example of what everyone expects of NY pizzas, it’s the quintessential $1 slice type of pizza, this Roma pizza is closer to what I had growing in Brooklyn


GansettCan t1_jdrcewe wrote

Not in providence but close by, The Big Cheese. Amazing place.


is_missing t1_jds7f0v wrote

nice slice, pizza j, lost valley at revival

no one has said a guy and his pie or hotline pizza that ive seen. these are not pizza places per se, but folks who work out of ghost kitchens and make VERY GOOD PIZZA

also pizza queen. i forget where it is but they have some good ass greasy cheese pizza if thats what youre in the mood for

edited to say, someone else did say a guy and his pie. very good.


RhodyViaWIClamDigger t1_jdp7hja wrote

Boulevard Pizza by JWU Harborside. Might technically be Cranston, but the cheese pizza is bomb.


noungning t1_jdpasol wrote

Not cheese pizza but the Big cheese's mozz bread is so freaking good. Their Greek salad + house dressing is also very good.


oCrashh t1_jdpeh91 wrote



Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdpg2cx wrote

Tommy’s closed in Providence.


oCrashh t1_jdph2xd wrote

Damn I completely forgot about that. My bad

Edit: if you can make it out to the Cranston location it’s worth it


gloeingsoy t1_jdpn828 wrote

wow you’ve go nowhere good lmao - fellinis or nice slice, prov coal fire or flatbread works too


KangaPup t1_jdr2rvh wrote

Flatbread is fire but it’s a chain, OP is looking for more ma and pa places!


Archie1221 t1_jdpyyk9 wrote

Pizza Fair. Park ave Cranston


TheDoctorKnowsAll t1_jdqdyny wrote

Piemonte is very good, thin ny style and good price


Glittering-Tank-2945 t1_jdqlct4 wrote

I’m from Jersey/NYC area and I have yet to find a slice that does not disappoint when compared to home (recommendations please!!) The only place that I find to be consistently good “pizza” is Flatbread Co. off Thayer Street. Gonna have to try nice slice.


bobwells1960 t1_jdr3q4s wrote

Grilled margherita at Al Forno is world class za.


nygrl811 t1_jdr44bt wrote

Napolitano on Federal Hill - authentic NY style pie. Flavorful crust, good sauce.


bbristow6 t1_jdr4ltv wrote

I know it’s not “close”, but this is RI! My favorite pizza, not strip, will always be Antonio’s in Cumberland! Their crust is second to none, and since they added a vegan cheese option, I get to feel like a kid again haha


BearJohnson19 t1_jdrbm4b wrote

If you like bbq chicken pizza, get the Cyclone from Brooklyn Napolitano.

If you like Detroit style, try Hotline Pizza (order thru instagram).


TwainVonnegut t1_jdsx9bo wrote


Their toppings are of higher quality than what you will find at most other places in Providence.


bitchnug t1_jdp89wp wrote

Nice Slice, Pizza Marvin, Pizza J, Anna’s Vesuviano


FunLife64 t1_jdqgf2z wrote

Pizza coin has 65 reviews on Google which is very few. You can’t trust ratings with that few of reviews (ie their family, friends, etc can be 75% of them).

Pizza Marvin hasn’t been open that long and is a small shop…has 266 reviews.


liliumsuperstar t1_jdqm985 wrote

Pizza Coin is fairly new and was exciting for the neighborhood because we didn’t have anything similar (Big Tony’s is largely reviled for mostly non-food reasons). Their pizza is not my style but I can see why others gave it good reviews.


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdquf25 wrote

Pizza Coin seemed interchangeable with Piemonte for me. It’s solid but not spectacular.

And if my choices were there, Big Tony’s or Milanos 👎🏻. They seem like the business I’d want to support most.


pizzaplantboi t1_jdqu913 wrote

Marvin is #1 and Jeff’s is #1A. He’s just further out of providence.


Born-Yesterday-8602 t1_jdquuov wrote

Marvin is good if youre 65 and like a burnt pizza like my grandmother


pizzaplantboi t1_jdr4659 wrote

Oh woah found the stand up comic and pizza expert all in one comment.


LauraPalmersMom430 t1_jdqy5xp wrote

Since it hasn’t been said yet throwing Silicia’s deep dish cheese on Atwells.


somethingelvish t1_jdr075x wrote

Pizza Marvin for me. Like a Rhode Island bakery pizza but hot and cheesy.

#1 quality I appreciate in a food item: Heavy.


proviethrow t1_jdxhwr9 wrote

Pizza Marvin by a mile. They use to burn pizzas randomly but figured that out. But still sometimes the intern makes your pie and it’s tossed uneven. Fellini’s is always undercooked it’s wheat. Nice Slice is classic but wheat I like their weird pies better. Antonio’s is okay, their square is better, their pies from hope street are comically small. Flatbreads cuts their pizza like an idiot figuring it out for the first time and half their pies have no sauce so I add it as an extra, but it’s good. What’s with no red sauce pizza here? just stop. Pizza Js use to be great, they use pour a bucket of garlic powder into the sauce, it was different, now it’s meh.


kbd77 t1_jdp9re4 wrote

Who orders a cheese pizza lol

Edit: Downvote me all you want, that’s a 6 year old order


Impossible-Heart-540 t1_jdpq4j1 wrote

Yes, at 6 you order cheese.

You become a teenager and start adding pepperoni, sausage, and maybe even extra cheese because you think Dominos is great.

You get to college form a belief with your friends that pizza is basically a platform for exotic flavors and start ordering taco, hamburger or Hawaiian.

You get into your 20s and decide you want to date seriously, so you ratchet it back to one meat and/or a vegetable to not look like a rube or a glutton.

Then at some point you recognize that the Italians (and your 6 year old self) were right all along, and cheese pizza by itself is perfection.