Submitted by WholeElk791 t3_124s4fa in providence

I have a UTI - I made the earliest appointment possible at planned parenthood in prov about a week ago. But I’m in so much pain and am feeling dizzy and just know somethings not right my whole body hurts. Do I go to urgent care? I don’t have insurance and am not sure the most financially responsible thing to do - I can’t be in ridiculous medical debt. Anyways I appreciate any advice

Update: am at Thundermist health center - waiting on a doctor in the lobby. Thanks friends. Will keep updating for anyone worried!

2nd update! Did in fact have a kidney infection - very glad I went to where you guys recommended it was incredibly affordable and I only spent $7 on antibiotics that I otherwise would not have been prescribed had I gone online and these ones will clean out my kidney! Thank you all for the well wishes and recommendations. Makes my sick little heart feel much less stressed



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huh_phd t1_je0kefj wrote

Urgent care can take care of you. Try a non profit care center like thundermist.


WholeElk791 OP t1_je1a4be wrote

Am at Thundermist. Thank you for the advice everyone


huh_phd t1_je1a835 wrote

Welcome! Feel better! The abx should kick in quick


Jilltro t1_je0qkcr wrote

Urgent care can help you! Also CVS minute clinic can give you a script for UTI meds quickly. I went once and told them I have had them before and recognize the symptoms and they gave me a script right there while they sent my sample out.

Also, they sell those tablets that turn your pee Orange at stores without a script. It won’t heal you but helps manage symptoms. If you’re desperate, drinking some baking soda in water helps too.


JudgeGing t1_je0oaj7 wrote

Check out the providence community health centers express clinic. They accept all patients even those without insurance


Chance_Bad_7437 t1_je0mnki wrote

Def go in if you're in pain. A very close friend of mine recently was hospitalized initially with a UTI that turned into a bladder infection. Best of luck.


luciferin t1_je0u9w4 wrote

They can turn into kidney failure remarkably quickly. Do not wait and see with a potential UTI!


TooRareToDisappear t1_je0tdeq wrote

I believe they passed a bill that medical debt cannot be reported to the credit bureaus. Pay 5 or 10 bucks as you can, and ask for a sliding scale.


luciferin t1_je0uud4 wrote

I hope you're at a clinic already, but if not and you read this, get to one now.
You can try a CVS MinuteClinic if you really want to, but only if you can find one that will see you immediately. This can not wait until tomorrow.

> am not sure the most financially responsible thing to do

The most financially responsible thing to do is to get this seen and treated immediately, before it turns into something that requires hospitalization. It can only get worse and more costly from here.


riotous_jocundity t1_je0vufo wrote

I had a UTI a few months ago and also don't have insurance. I made a tele-health appointment with CVS for the same day, got an Rx, and had my meds within two hours. It cost something like $80.


LauraPalmersMom430 t1_je0tk8j wrote

Definitely go to an Urgent Care asap, won’t cost too much and they will give you a prescription you can pick up same day.


Tbear369 t1_je0kpkr wrote

Either try thundermist in west Warwick or there's a free clinic in providence. Go get treated


Dinosquid t1_je0u4p5 wrote

Like everyone else said: go to urgent care/walk in.

Untreated UTIs are very serious, don’t tough it out!


dontbitelee t1_je0zctg wrote

A week? Friend, you need to go to a hospital ASAP. The longer you wait now the more expensive it could end up being if it travels to your kidneys. Please do not wait any longer. CVS likely won't help you at this point; if it has progressed to your kidneys they will refer you to a hospital. Infections move fast, go to one now!


Vilenesko t1_je1wa5e wrote

Probably starting to get a kidney infection


LEENIEBEENIE93 t1_je78jzr wrote

I ended up hospitalized for 2 days with a UTI turned kidney infection. Worst infection I've endured. Never will I ignore a UTI again. Nearly died. Had to have round the clock intravenous antibiotics. Glad you found a place to help you. Feel better!


DingleTheDangle t1_je0pw8w wrote

Depending on where you are, I've had success with Primary Walk-in Medical Center in East Providence.


camartinart t1_je0uuds wrote

I hope you get treated and feel better soon. UTIs are the worst. I had a poorly timed uti over one Thanksgiving which became a bladder infection leaving me to suffer through the most painful night of my life. Now I make sure to take daily supplements to help thwart issues before they start and to support my bladder/urinary tract health: a probiotic pill, d-mannose, and aloe vera pills.


Blyther_skite t1_je23ym1 wrote

I’m so glad you’re at the health center. We had the norovirus go through our house, and i convinced myself the fever, nausea and cyclic pain were that, and brushed up against sepsis. The antibiotics will make you feel better almost instantly. Good luck, and get a big water jug once you’re well again.


h0llywoodsbleeding t1_je2lzde wrote

Yoooo kidney infections are wicked wicked painful!! I am so sorry :( I hope you feel better soon!!


birdkeeps t1_je157u4 wrote

Clinica Esperanza is amazing, and works with uninsured populations. Great medical providers and staff. I’d go there.


ihavebigboobiezz t1_je1rn6t wrote

Oh!!! For anyone who is experiencing UTI/urethra pain you can pick up AZO UTI pain relief from any drugstore and it’s never more than $10.

It’s a short term solution and is not intended to replace medication. You can only use for max 2 days which, hopefully, is enough for you to see a doctor! Absolute godsend for pain relief!


dogmom02134 t1_je2zv7a wrote

In the future K Health is an app that’s like $30 and pretty instant for an antibiotic.


depressionmedswork t1_je19red wrote

They have those e doctor apts you can make for like $50 bucks. They do it all over the phone for stuff like that.


ComradeSalothSar t1_je1nc94 wrote

I hope you feel better! Doctors can be so greedy over a human right. I can't wait until the NPs and PAs eat their lunch!