Submitted by Due-Pickle8392 t3_124ygmv in providence

The matter will be continued to May 3rd according to the City Clerk. They must have received many angry phone calls that the meeting was scheduled intentionally so that every student would be away on Spring Break



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[deleted] t1_je1pmf3 wrote

I posted in the off campus student housing Facebook page 🤷‍♀️


Due-Pickle8392 OP t1_je26zzk wrote

My thinking was that 40+ Brown Students spoke out in person against the first ordinance meeting. Helen Anthony would have a much easier time passing it if these students were not able to voice their opinions


Proof-Variation7005 t1_je28md8 wrote

>2400 students that go to Brown+live off-campus+had spring break.

That is 2,400 students that are directly affected by this proposal. That is not insignificant.

It would be incredible easy to have hearings on this bill at a time when virtually 0 students would be scheduled to be be away.


lestermagnum t1_je2dbws wrote

Meetings like this get continued all the time, for a myriad of reasons. Assuming it was because of public pressure is a pretty big leap.

The minutes of these sorts of meetings are usually made public. It shouldn’t be too hard to find out what happened.


DiegoForAllNeighbors t1_je2dzxu wrote

Regardless of the reasons (though I’m curious…) we just know from COMMON SENSE that this will limit the housing supply and put upward pressure on prices… not good… of course it allows the City to avoid dealing directly with the complicated, real issue of… noise pollution. Forcing students to live part continues to ignore the underlying problem across the city… and exacerbate the absurd housing market.