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BingBong022 t1_je6u97k wrote

Moniker, Isco, and rooftop at the providence G


-Lorelei- t1_je6vxqk wrote

Kimis and Ogies are spots that have a full bar and firepit. Moniker does have firepits, but they only serve beer at this moment.


LauraPalmersMom430 t1_je706lo wrote

Well Moniker is a brewery not a bar, so makes sense they’d only serve beer lol.


-Lorelei- t1_je736pw wrote

I mean, yeah, but people have mentioned Moniker when they asked for bars. I wanted to clear that up in case they were looking for something like a traditional bar instead of a taproom.


aKnowing t1_je71ggp wrote

Apponaug brewery


overthehillhat t1_je71tzm wrote

Providence Waterfire tries very hard - - -


Proof-Variation7005 t1_je6to4v wrote

ogie's has em. and i think either one or both of the point/wickendon had 1 in back too, but i havent been to either in years and im blanking on which


bacon_in_beard t1_je6y8uv wrote

chelos on the water in warwick has them when they open for the season


dzoni-kanak t1_je74bp1 wrote

The Rooftop at the G has fire pits.


pombe t1_je7dp0y wrote

Narragansett brewery in Fox Point. Water adjacent too.


nathanaz t1_je78pqh wrote

The Trap used to, not sure about now


eemz53 t1_je7ysgu wrote

not exactly a full bar, but Industrious Spirit Co is a distillery on Sims Ave with lots of outdoor patio space. fire pits and seating areas with heat poles, so you can hang outside pretty much year round. they make bourbon, vodka, gin, and some specialty spirits


m1327 t1_je9ls6e wrote

I feel like Wick pub had a fire pit out back a long time ago. Not sure if they still do, or if I'm just misremembering