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D-camchow t1_je6zmf6 wrote

I'm from Florida and i promise you drivers are shitty everywhere.


meme-scraperr t1_je9xp5w wrote

I will say it’s gotten a lot better here now that they put speed bumps, traffic cameras, and speed traps literally everywhere. It was ridiculous like 20 years ago


FunLife64 t1_je819xt wrote

Ding ding ding. It’s nothing to do with RI


Low-Medical t1_je7vzq8 wrote

I'm convinced that some driver's ed programs in the state are secretly teaching that left turns have the right of way at an intersection over people going straight. I've had people honk at me - they genuinely seem to believe they are in the right.


omguwsa t1_je7zl6o wrote

Kills me, almost literally, and almost daily


Silvedl t1_je8lj8j wrote

And they definitely aren’t teaching that if a power outage takes out the lights it turns into a 4-way stop sign situation. People see the light is out and are like “Nice! No light for me!”


playfellow_ t1_jeb13en wrote

Had someone cut me off taking a left out of a gas station. He proceeded to lay on his horn, stick half his body out of his window and yell and flip me off


vegemouse t1_je7vmip wrote

I see a lot of people talk about how bad traffic and drivers are here, but I don’t really see it. It’s much worse in other places I’ve lived. Or maybe I just don’t notice because i’m the shitty driver.


Shibby-Pibby t1_je8cm5s wrote

Moved here from Texas a few months and....

Yeah I've never felt I was gonna die here while driving. In Texas? Idiots and drunks and drunk idiots all driving 75 on a stroad is fucking terrifying


Jalil29 t1_je8ikpu wrote


Just don't like how the Highway isn't more straight on top of how its under construction.
Also how taking a wrong exit on the highway costs you like 15+ minutes to correct.


FunLife64 t1_je81f3d wrote

Seriously. It’s a breeze. I actually think most people drive pretty slow.


Jalil29 t1_je8hyqu wrote

Can you really drive any faster tho?
Place is curvy as hell even on the highway.

For normal streets where people should be walking great. Because people aren't doing a 45+ like crazy people where people are crossing.


Silvedl t1_je8lrz1 wrote

Before moving here, I had never seen someone in the far left-turn-only lane cross 2+ lanes of traffic to turn right. I have seen it 3 times in 5 years now. Also my first month in Providence, my parked car got totaled by someone that wasn’t even drunk.


bungocheese t1_je96hfq wrote

Go to CA, people will cross 5 while on facetime trying to do an audition while they're driving


tilario t1_je9wgv3 wrote

a woman cut me off at a red light this morning. i didn't have time to honk but jammed on my brakes and had my hands on my head in disbelief as she finished her turn.

she looked at me and gave me the finger.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_je7afcm wrote

I can deal with passive drivers and aggressive ones, but the one thing that fucks me up is when there’s a weird mix and you have no idea what someone will do.

That’s why I think New York State is the worst place to drive.


mmurph t1_je9ja0i wrote

95 between MA and Providence where the speed limit is 45-55 and you have people going 75 weaving through the left two lanes while the right lane is a line of cars going 30 for some reason as the on-ramp traffic tries to merge in while going 55 on the ramp.


SufficientZucchini21 t1_je6z2jk wrote

You from here, bro?


meme-scraperr t1_je6zb1w wrote



imtherhoda76 t1_je9sd38 wrote

I’m from Mass. When I moved to RI, I thought everyone here had a death wish. The other day I was angry at a driver, saw a Mass plate, and thought “Ugh. Figures.” Assimilation complete!


Thatbluejacket t1_jeahdj3 wrote

I was parallel parked near the MBTA station yesterday (in a clearly marked spot), and some lady kept backing up and backing up in front of me and almost hit my car for literally no reason - I had to honk to get her to stop, and even then she kept going until I literally laid on the horn. There was no one in front of her, and she didn't even pull out afterward. I don't get it


Familiar_Ad1485 t1_je82zq9 wrote

Go to South Florida and the RI drivers will look like saints


MyOwnPrivateWario t1_je9foy2 wrote

People in RI drive like they are just a little drunk.


Ruum_Hamm t1_je9potw wrote

I'm from everywhere and I promise Drivers are the worst in Rhode Island