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Stella430 t1_jegypkp wrote

We’re number one!!!! We’re number one!!!


sbaz86 t1_jegu3ey wrote

Crazy thing, I feel like our roads have gotten better in the last 3-5 years.


Kelruss t1_jegm53m wrote

It's not a vote, it's data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics sorted into a table so the company doing the ranking can flog insurance. Although, it looks like they've used two different years for the roads and bridges, as the number for the roads is the most recent available, 2020, but the number for the bridges seems to be from 2021, even though 2020 would be the proper comparison and 2022 is the most recent year.


lals80 t1_jegj38m wrote

Wasn’t even a need to take a vote on that, universally known truth


PipeLayer2016 t1_jegmx6e wrote

RI has also made massive capital improvements the past few years. Let's rerun this survey in a couple of years


DiegoForAllNeighbors t1_jeh2vax wrote

Worst roads! So let’s keep the person in charge of RIDOT for the past 8 years…. Accountability? Excellence? Competence? Merit? Unclear…


Lovelyone123- t1_jegzlpw wrote

Yup that is so true ,but it's more in the poor city's then the rich city's


LowBarometer t1_jegp4f9 wrote

Whoever voted hasn't been to West Virginia. Their roads are much, much worse.