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CrassostreaVirginica OP t1_iqmgwab wrote

I am not familiar with this area, so I thought this was Boston. Posted this pic last night to the Boston sub, and woke up this morning to find the comments saying I’d uploaded a photo of Providence, haha.

/-a Virginian in New England


heckyeahcoolbeans t1_iqmvhbu wrote

Wow I love how you captured all of rhode island in a single photo!


silverhammer96 t1_iqnftf6 wrote

Anyone else immediately look for their house?


AthelLeaf t1_iqoicn0 wrote

So much of RI is visible. I’ve found things in Providence, East Providence, North Providence, Lincoln, Smithfield, and Johnston. Really puts it into perspective how small the Providence metro area is. I love this.


Moonracerrex t1_iqtow6x wrote

What kinds of things did you find?


AthelLeaf t1_iqtppqb wrote

Approximate locations of where I live, in laws place, Pierce Field in EP, Twin River, Lincoln Mall, Smithfield Crossing, where I grew up in Johnston and Johnston Memorial Park (different parts of Johnston), RIC, PC, Bryant University, which highways are which, Mineral Spring Ave, Douglas Ave, Smith Street/Route 44, the State House (and it reminded me that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month when I found it), Providence Place Mall, North Central Airport. It’s wild how much you can find just by the lights.


Moonracerrex t1_iqtq0de wrote

I'd have to study it. I'm a RI native, so I know all those places. Do you know which compass orientation's at the top of the pic?


AthelLeaf t1_iqtrl2g wrote

I marked out highways, major streets, and a couple landmarks. Also did my best to correctly align NSEW. Hope this helps!

And yup, the hot pink is the State House.


Moonracerrex t1_iqtrqkw wrote



AthelLeaf t1_iqtrvya wrote

Haha, thanks! I noticed it got compressed a bit on Imgur but I hope it’s enough to get oriented a bit on the original from OP. :)


DespicableSquid t1_iqn1eff wrote

Hey, I can see my house from here.

Nice shot.


WPRV t1_iqmlv6l wrote



SuperSMT t1_iqncjxw wrote

I can see my house from here!


Beru73 t1_iqp0267 wrote

The sky is unbelievable! Cool Pic man!


[deleted] t1_iqmw9ob wrote

Really makes you appreciate the tree canopy and lessened light pollution on the East Side. The city should be planting trees aggressively in all neighborhoods.


NatKingColeman t1_iqqs7jb wrote

I was hoping to see a similar view last night but ms flight sim refuses to download updates properly.


RepairIllustrious901 t1_is40psy wrote

Terrific! I followed 2 to what looks like Garden City near the wing?