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bpear t1_iuyl9fx wrote

My new phone wallpaper! Awesome picture


Hythacg OP t1_iuypdgd wrote

Thanks! The tall vertical format works great for wallpapers. Enjoy it!


mikenice1 t1_iuzomzq wrote

Psychedelic. Astounding. Big ups to you for this image.


mr781 t1_iuzvuez wrote

This photo looks so hyper realistic that it comes full circle and doesn’t look real


mrvis t1_iv0xbja wrote

There's def some heavy HDR-action to make the colors look the way they do.


bicho6 t1_iv0f1wh wrote

This picture gives me the urge to power wash something


yeshuaD t1_iv0hksm wrote

Growing up in RI, as a kid I thought this was the building where the Ghostbusters fight Gozer at the end of the movie. Maybe similar architecture?


niknik888 t1_iuyply0 wrote

So, what’s going on with that building?


whatsaphoto t1_iv0xk24 wrote

Money has been approved by the city council as of last night to renovate the building and make it into a commercial/real estate location -


jakejanobs t1_iv14uax wrote

I’m honestly so torn about this, the building is gorgeous and a major state symbol, but I can understand why people wouldn’t want to subsidize a developer. We’re also in a housing shortage though, and any housing / business is better than the nothing currently residing in the building


esquilax t1_iuyxbhr wrote

Should be the Ghostbusters Building.


new_delusion t1_iv07cdo wrote

Feel like the Baudelaire children live in this photo


xscorpio12x t1_iuzmzzj wrote

That’s a nice one! I always wanted to capture it when it has its lights on, but lately it just looks dark or I have been looking at it during wrong times


cumberland_farms t1_iv0uk28 wrote

I believe that the top of the building was meant to be a blimp dock, or whatever you would call a place that zeppelins park.

Got little use.


animbicile t1_iwlz2ln wrote

Here is an extensive video featuring the building. Comparisons to the Hindenburg start at the 34:38 mark, showing it as complete fantasy. I don’t remember if the video explores the docking of smaller blimps, but my impression was that it is not possible and the building was never intended to do so.


Hellion102792 t1_iv0v2zk wrote

So cool, nice work. I've never seen anything detailed enough where I could notice the engraved falcon wraparound up there.


LMZN t1_iv1ef0a wrote

Have you seen the video on YouTube where those guys broke in and hung out at the very top? Watching it gave me vertigo