Submitted by rhodyjourno t3_yoyqbm in providence

Looking for the best places to grab some lately. I feel as though the places that used to be fantastic before the pandemic aren't always the best options now.



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ohemeffgee t1_ivgqkiu wrote

Note regarding Ran Zan: it *is* awesome but the owners are in Japan until December 30th at 5:00 PM. Just FYI.

Haruki is good; Sakura is also good but don't expect great service. I've been to Sura too but it's been a while.


ZeldaTitzgerald t1_ivhz6jo wrote

That’s an incredibly specific return time


smokejaguar t1_ivi3jx9 wrote

A sushi chef is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.


Silvedl t1_ivihvec wrote

Sura Sushi is good. Sakura is good if you just order it for takeout.


ddcrash t1_ivjq40x wrote

I second Ran Zan for authenticity, simplicity and freshness. Haruki is a solid second bet.


darekta t1_ivglndz wrote

Ran Zan, Haruki and Lim's

e: Also Fearless Fish Market has sushi grade fish if you want to make your own!


ka-neki t1_ivghxbn wrote

haruki on the east side or in cranston


Riles_Corey t1_ivgon43 wrote

I wish Haruki express was still around. They were cheap and good.


redditplzstoplocking t1_ivgyahi wrote

Dadaruki opened up at the same location. Not sure if it’s the same owners, but it’s the same kind of food & it’s delicious!


Riles_Corey t1_ivhmm48 wrote

I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in the area!


Silvedl t1_ivihyt8 wrote

They also have the best house salad dressing. I could drink it it’s so good.


aochoa2 t1_ivh3515 wrote



audiofunktion t1_ivhs56h wrote

Came here to say this. Pretty sure we’ve tried them all and hands down my favorite


wizzywillz t1_ivhtag3 wrote

Uncle sushi in Cranston. It's only takeout tho


Ok-Fortune-7745 t1_ivr03zl wrote

I cannot get past Uncle Sushi's health code violations a number of years back. It was a while ago, but they had "imminent threats" to health and were closed for a while.


nygrl811 t1_ivhjk37 wrote

Jacky's North Providence (imo) is better than Jacky's Waterfront.

I find a lot of places have very bland rice, which makes for mediocre sushi. Somo in the Jewelery District is excellent.

I need to check some of the recommendations out here in NP!!


Silentjosh37 t1_ivgrghz wrote

Lim's all the way. Plenty of other great things on the menu for those that do not enjoy sushi as well... best scallion pancakes I have ever had.


strombolone t1_ivgxads wrote

The salmon belly at Lim’s


leonpinneaple t1_ivj86wb wrote

Lim’s is freaking awesome. And you can take your non-sushi-eating date as there are tons of other options on their menu.


OrdovicianOccultist t1_ivgrc08 wrote

Most people go for the hibachi, but Mount Fuji low-key makes some of the best sushi in Providence.


zamal777 t1_ivgt823 wrote

It smelled like a dead carcass in the hallway last time I went


OrdovicianOccultist t1_ivh6h6j wrote

This is 100% accurate. The decor is horrible, the usual clientele are pretty crass, the hibachi loud on the weekends,and the service can be spotty. The sushi chef’s are amazing.


Garysuhnise t1_ivh3uei wrote

Vatsana in Pawtuxet Village is pretty tasty


InsanitysCandy t1_ivhj6ah wrote

Osho Sushi on Smith st. In Nrth Providence is pretty good.

They also never have anyone dining in so it's pretty private.


cofonseca t1_ivj6ubb wrote

Shogun in Warwick.


mightynifty_2 t1_ivjt50i wrote

Nami if you have the budget (super expensive).


A_Dog_On_Acid t1_ivmo0kz wrote

Ebisu East Providence has decent sushi. Cant say its the best but they atleast use sushi vinegar. Thats an immediate plus for me.