Submitted by what-_- t3_yqujpx in providence

Looking for good date night suggestions!

Any night of the week is fine

Hoping to stay in Rhode Island but willing to go as far as westerly or Newport.

Edit: Thank you everyone!! I love all these suggestions. My partner and I are going to make our way down the list!!



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NodularFalse t1_ivqak96 wrote

In downtown Providence, The Eddy for drinks and Oberlin for dinner is hard to beat, IMO.


Simple-Swimming14 t1_ivqjrmo wrote

I'd go here and then to Freeplay after to play some games. I'd also suggest a dinner at Dolores if you haven't been!


close102 t1_ivqapq0 wrote

I love the food and drink at Slow Rhode, it’s a pretty small place and has a variety of small plates and full entrees to choose from. There are a ton of bars and breweries within 1-2 blocks to extend the night as well (The Avery, Moniker, Bayberry).

The Sims area is also a nice place to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon. They have the farmers market year round, there’s a coffee shop, and across the street ISCO Spirits and Revival Brewery.


RandomChurn t1_ivsvv77 wrote

> Hoping to stay in Rhode Island but willing to go as far as westerly or Newport.

Just checking: Westerly and Newport ARE in Rhode Island -- you knew that, right?


m1327 t1_ivt1kgw wrote

From Providence    
Willing to go to Westerly and Newport



Boodda t1_ivtqn0h wrote

Not necessarily all night-time activities, but here are a few good ones that I've taken dates on:

  • The Grand Bellevue Dinner Train - Dinner on a train (duh), but they also do themed murder mystery dinners that are a lot of fun.

  • The Providence Rink - Right downtown, and they do roller-skating/ice skating with DJ's providing music.

  • United Skates of America - more roller-skating, but indoors.

  • Sporting Clays - Blow some clay pigeons out of the sky at either Addieville (Ask for Todd) or Peace Dale

  • XSpot Archery - Learn to shoot a recurve bow.

  • Driving Range - Hit up Button Hole. It's a small local course and driving range.

  • Virtual Top Golf - At the Graduate.

  • Roger Williams Park - Check out the zoo, go for a walk, there's a bunch to do over there.

  • Trampoline Park - I like Skyzone. They have trampolines obviously, but also some Ninja Warrior-type activities and a cool climbing wall over a giant foam pit. Best time to go I've found is right when they open at 10am. Hardly ever any kids there at that time.

  • Mini-golf - I'd suggest Mulligans Island.

  • Curling - Learn to curl with the Ocean State Curling Club

  • AS/220 - Take a class or a workshop together.

  • Wineries - My favorites are Nickle Creek, Mulberry, and Diamond Hill.

  • Breweries - My favorites are Long Live Beerworks, Moniker, and Beer on Earth.

  • Gokarting - Head over to R1. They also have darts, axe throwing, and some other shit.

  • Trivia/Karaoke - WRIK is my favorite, and they have options for just about every night of the week.

  • Jazz nights - Mondays at Red Door, Wednesdays at The Royal Bobcat

  • Line dancing - Tuesdays at Hometown Tavern

  • Cosmic Bowling - Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at Lang's Bowlarama

  • Soul Power - My favorite dance night in Providence. Every 2nd and Last Friday of the month at Dusk. Grab pizza around the corner at Lost Valley/Revival or a drink at ISCO.

  • Rathskeller - Dinner every Friday at the German American Cultural Society. The best night to go though is "costume night" on the 3rd Friday of every month.

  • Comedy - Catch some stand-up at the Comedy Connection. Grab dinner/drinks at the Black Duck nearby.

  • Catch a show - Check out the schedules at any of the local venues. I like Fete, The Met, The Strand, and The Columbus. The PPAC is good too, but it's gonna be more expensive.

I also have a public Google calendar here that I update from time to time with recurring as well as one-off events.


what-_- OP t1_ivuartc wrote

Thank you so much!! Such an extensive list with awesome ideas


furandfeather t1_ivsut5f wrote

Palo, New Rivers, and East End are my top date night picks. There's a ton of good restaurants here!


dawgblogit t1_ivqi6p4 wrote

You could try to get tickets at the rep? Maybe order pizza nearby and have it "ready" at a table for you so that when you get there you can eat and then walk over after you are done.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_ivqnlty wrote

>Looking for good date night suggestions!

Any night of the week is fine

Thursdays are my favorite.

It's not wasting a weekend night on someone who might not be worth it, but even if you have fun and it goes late, you only have to tough it out for one more weekday. Tuesdays and Sundays are my backup choices.


Peacanpiepussycat t1_ivsplt5 wrote

Get any from the city . Go down to south county. Have dinner at the coast guard house or even iggys which is cheap but cool. Take a walk on the beach yes it’s cold just bundle up .You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make it special


AltruisticBowl4 t1_ivrw55j wrote

Food + Drink: Oberlin, Bywater, Aguardente, Persimmon, The Slow Rhode, Red Stripe
Drink only: Fortnight, Glou, The Eddy, Marcelino's Boutique Bar


Silvedl t1_iw35w8g wrote

A new Axe Throwing place opened up in Cranston and it is right next to Cucina Rustica, which is a pretty good Italian restaurant.


noungning t1_ivqt9m8 wrote

Dinner, and a show at PPAC.