Submitted by boop-snoot-boogie t3_zod6wp in providence

Where can I find some quality West Indian food? Like very specifically I want like Trinidadian curried goat with buss up shut / paratha roti. Please help 🙏



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silvio_burlesqueconi t1_j0mg3dk wrote

Pan-a-Day Takeaway does a decent Guyanese curried goat and has roti.


Dinosquid t1_j0qig45 wrote

I used to go there 1-2x a week, but haven’t been in a couple years since my job moved. The woman who owns it is super cool.

Try the spicy Tamarind sauce she makes in house. It’s so fn good.


GotenRocko t1_j0m7q1h wrote

Have to go to Boston. I like ali's roti.

Ali's Roti Restaurant


boop-snoot-boogie OP t1_j0mbja0 wrote

I do love Ali’s, I just cannot accept there is not a substitute closer :(


GotenRocko t1_j0mdbgq wrote

I know, used to eat it all the time when I was in Seattle had a great place near my apartment. When I moved back was always looking for a place but never found one.

Since I hate going to Boston, I just go to alis whenever I have to go to the city with a cooler lol, get like 6 meals bring them back and put them in my chest freezer. They freeze well. Still got like 3 meals right now from when I went in November.


heloguy1234 t1_j0mocih wrote

How about some doubles? Haven’t had them in 15 years.


EColli93 t1_j0mvi9h wrote

Pan-a-day at the corner of Westminster/Parade. Camilla is the best!


HanMike t1_j0ml774 wrote

Does anyone sell doubles?


Orangefan71 t1_j0o35d2 wrote

Don't know of any Trini but Flame's is a go to for Jamaican (some of the best jerk chicken I've had). I believe they do have roti on the menu, but never tried and not sure it's comparable to the Trini style.


Queen_Axeline t1_j0purnb wrote

The Guyanese roti at Pan a Day is closest to authentic TnT roti I've ever found in New England. Guyana is technically South America but culturally they're more Caribbean than Latin American. Camilla cooks all the good stuff, roti is on Tues/Thurs I think but they've always got good curry, jerk chicken, oxtail etc. The Large plate is like 20 bucks but she loads those plates up. You can feed 3 ppl with a large if you get some sides like Beef Patty or empanadas. Check it out you won't be disappointed!


4355525 t1_j0qlcuj wrote

Give "Flames" a try. Pretty good Caribbean/West Indi place near RI hospital.


734 Eddy St, Providence, RI 02903