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lavendergrowing101 t1_j0uh3yl wrote

important to note also that this is rent compared with household income. our rents are high, but where other cities with high rents have higher paying jobs, our jobs have continued paying low wages.


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_j0w424z wrote

People are arguing about the methodology, but this is the big takeaway. The salaries here are low and the rents are astronomical (and this is not historically the case here pre-pandemic). Not everyone can work remotely in six figure jobs-- a lot of people work in the state, for the state, or do everyday things to keep the state running. The goal isn't to retrain these people into software engineers because the city still needs janitors, chefs, plumbers, teachers, and nurses to show up in person.

What's weird is conversations on here and in real life either oscillate that Providence is "super cheap" or "unfathomably expensive". I hear both of these things every day and it's hard to believe people in this city are living such different realities based on circumstance.

Providence is going to have some really rough growing pains the next few years that are going to suck for everyone when the working class gets priced out because those people run this city.


EtAvec t1_j0w8f1j wrote

I would say wages are starting to increase a little. I’m seeing a great deal of jobs starting at $20 for entry level work, such as Electric Boat, RIPTA, and Toray. I was interviewing around and those were the numbers I was getting. I’m sure in a year or two $20/hr will be the norm for a lot of employers.