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Hello, I hope it's appropriate for me to post this here. I tried searching the subreddit already, but thought I'd directly ask: How horrible of an idea is it to visit Providence in February? I'm from Michigan so I'm experienced with winter, but I'd consider holding off if it's that much of a downside. I'm not looking to do any summer-specific activities, if that makes a difference. Just hope to be able to travel on foot most places - I don't mind walking around in the cold, as long as it isn't deathly. Any advice? Thanks in advance!



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bungocheese t1_j495rm1 wrote

This year has been extra odd, and we've had winters that start pretty mild like this one but ended with an asston of snow, it might be just cold and grey and it might be a frozen helllscape, way too hard to predict these days.


letter420elise OP t1_j4960e1 wrote

Damn, sounds just like it is here in Michigan. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the insight!


Diligent-Pizza8128 t1_j496t5u wrote

It’s def not colder than Michigan winters! For Providence, it’s probably not going to make a ton of difference other than cold and daylight. For Rhode Island in general, you’re obviously not going to have a summer beach experience. But other than that, I’d say perfectly fine to visit Providence in February


yajanikos t1_j498mhc wrote

I lived in Detroit for a couple of years and just moved back during the pandemic. February in Rhode Island is much more tolerable! Granted I did live there during the polar vortex >.<


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_j49ay4e wrote

Feb is snow month, if we get snow. Every year all the snowfall for that year comes in feb/some late Jan. The biggest thing is that I plan any flights in Feb with flexibility for cancellation. Don't get yourself a 9pm flight the day before you have to be back at work. I've been at TF green in feb with every flight grounded and you don't want to be stuck like that.

Also, New England has this made up thing called Feb break, so some of the schools might be on a vacation in both MA/RI if you come that week. It might also increase flights/hotels/etc. Locals might not know that this bizarre observance isn't a thing in MI (or like 45 other states) and might fail to mention it.


V0nH30n t1_j49yi5m wrote

Wait, Feb break is just a New England thing? I was today years old when I learned this


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_j4bz7r6 wrote

Completely made up. I have actually no idea why it exists other than maybe to balance out a very late spring break. It actually makes this a very cheap time to distance travel for families other than maybe local flights, if you are willing to risk the snow, because no one else is on break.


mdurg68 t1_j4g34za wrote

Schools in upstate NY have mid winter vacation in Feb too.


rakman t1_j49jkxg wrote

It’s grey and miserable, and the days are short, so unless you have a pressing need to visit, holding off for even a month would be advisable. Spring is glorious!


nhowe006 t1_j4a0gyt wrote

But it's not Michigan, and that's a plus.

I mean in terms of how brutal the weather is. I know and love several Michiganders and they speak highly of their home state.


misterspokes t1_j4bmgzc wrote

Depending on when you're coming, Newport has its winter festival from the 17th to the 23rd, there's usually something interesting going on.


iCaligula t1_j496ruy wrote

If you're staying somewhere downtown, you can still get around and visit restaurants, bars, theaters, sporting events, etc. even if there's a snowstorm or very cold weather during your stay.


Aleyoop t1_j4bpfb3 wrote

I’m from Michigan and I can vouch for the fact the most miserable RI winter is still considerably more mild than the average Michigan winter. Bring your usual winter gear and you’ll be absolutely fine. As others said, you might not even need to bundle up - it’s been a weird one.