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kbd77 t1_j4mha1t wrote

Did a dog write this


overthehillhat t1_j4mzx49 wrote

Could'a been my Cat - -

She really likes squirrels - -


kbd77 t1_j4n1ygp wrote

Lol, mine too. We’ve had to replace 3 screens as a result of him crashing into windows trying to dive bomb them in the yard


Frosty-Vegetable-385 t1_j4my9l5 wrote

If you want to spend more time with squirrels in a way that benefits you both, you could become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in RI.


TwistedSpoonx OP t1_j4mys3f wrote

Woah that sounds super cool! Is it only a job or can I do some kind of weekend volunteering?


Kiyranti91 t1_j4mkbn9 wrote

I don't know but I once saw a squirrel at Lippitt Park digging into a bag of Dunkie's... so he seemed pretty cool, I'd start there.


M_Viv_Van_Buren t1_j4mkroq wrote

If you want to be their friend leave them alone. Because after you leave they will go be “friends” with another human. Then animal control will come kill them.


TwistedSpoonx OP t1_j4mrze3 wrote

Sorry I thought that was only a problem with predators like bears. Thank you for telling me


Trombone_Tone t1_j4nnqk7 wrote

Yeah, this is important and valuable advice. Unfortunately, the best thing we can do for any wild animal is to leave them alone and prevent them from accessing our food and trash in anyway. Just enjoy watching them when chance brings you together!


katieleehaw t1_j4mn50n wrote

Ha! I also love squirrels. They love peanuts - in the shell. Birds love them too so be aware!


PurinaHall0fFame t1_j4n13lc wrote

Unsalted peanuts, specifically. The salted ones can be bad for their health.


PurinaHall0fFame t1_j4n2e5d wrote

The best thing you can do for them might be either occasional feedings of shell-in nuts(not fed by hand, but left behind for them - feel free to observe from a distance though!), or setting up a small feeding spot in a squirrel safe and friendly area, away from humans to keep them from being a nuisance and potentially trapped and killed, as well as a spot safe from predators.

As another commenter mentioned, it's not really a good idea to socialize with wild squirrels very much because they can then become a nuisance to other people and animal control will get involved. Plus squirrels can be vectors of disease to the same extent that rats and mice are, and they're more prone than either to have rabies.


ProvBroker t1_j4mxkvk wrote

The neighborhood squirrels loved me in the fall because I’d leave my pumpkins out for them to eat


MarlKarx-1818 t1_j4nhqad wrote

  1. Get a squirrel costume

  2. stand until one of them approaches you

  3. teach it sign language

  4. tell it to bring its homies

  5. run a gang of squirrels

  6. profit


Jroiiia423 t1_j4ncbp1 wrote

I found my dogs Reddit account


Beebeeleen t1_j4muhoz wrote

The human doesn't choose the squirrel; the squirrel chooses the human. If you are a friend they'll let you know. Make a few offerings.


Db3ma t1_j4nkvrl wrote

Not a property owner I see. I used to feed and get a kick out of the tree rats that were around here.

Then one winter they found a way into the attick. Squirrels will eat your house. Store a car in your yard for a bit? They will eat the wiring.

Try to put some bird feeders around? (Birds are nice.) They eat seeds. So do crummy squirrels.


MichaelPants t1_j4nrywk wrote

We have a squirrel that leaves us apple and Pear cores on our windowsill. The previous homeowners must have had a squirrel friend. I'm on to you OP.


Distinct-Ad5751 t1_j4nwcaf wrote

I have a squirrels nest in a pine tree in my backyard and these squirrels are Chonky. They steal sunflower seeds from the bird feeder and take nibbles out of my vegetable garden. They also steal treats from my dog.

TLDR: get a pine tree, bird feeder, vegetable garden and dog. Feed everyone including yourself.


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j4nwe07 wrote

Sunflowers are steeped in symbolism and meanings. For many they symbolize optimism, positivity, a long life and happiness for fairly obvious reasons. The less obvious ones are loyalty, faith and luck.


nixiedust t1_j4qa15z wrote

Time and patience. Start in a public park or somewhere where the squirrels are used to seeing people. Stock your pockets with unsalted hazelnuts (a favorite, and healthier than peanuts). Start leaving them where you can watch the squirrels eat and gradually move closer over a period of days and weeks.

Most urban squirrels will come to you pretty quickly. I can often get them to climb up my legs to get treats from my hands. Wear thick pants and possible gloves...I've never been nipped but it's good for hygiene, etc.

For a super treat, I make them cookie bars: Melt 2 cups each beef suet and unsalted peanut butter, mix in 4 cups sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruit, cornmeal until it makes a thick batter. Press into a pan, chill and cut into squares. Squirrels flip out over it.


FreeThePie t1_j58ufc6 wrote

Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day.


TwistedSpoonx OP t1_j58v2s8 wrote

Thank you I’m going to appreciate them more than usual


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j4nw86z wrote

If you like beer, there’s a RI squirrel beer club that meets monthly at the dumpster outside a different brewery once a month


radioflea t1_j4ox9eg wrote

They sell a bunch of squirrel feeders online that you can attach to trees and if you’re brave enough you’re house.

They rely so heavily on trees and humans for food so they are easy to befriend. I know a few people around the state who have domesticated squirrels and also skunks.


ladywiththestarlight t1_j4qsz53 wrote

If you really want squirrel friends and are willing to travel, the ones in Boston common are very friendly. Bring some peanuts, they’ll come right up to ya.


the_falconator t1_j4rftiv wrote

Give them shiny stuff like aluminum foil


ProvidenceDiva t1_j5bfijj wrote

I have lived in the West End for 18 years and have had a squirrel family in my backyard for that long. Never had a problem with them destroying anything. We are kinda 'used' to seeing each other; they don't even run when I go tend to my vegetable garden. The only thing they do is dig a few holes burying their stash of nuts, otherwise they leave my garden alone. I can live with that...they gotta eat too! I DO NOT feed them. I leave them alone. I have herbs, flowers and a vegetable problem at all with the squirrels. Watching them chase each other and play is hilarious.