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tibbon t1_j51fl7m wrote

Whoa. I have three cars on my insurance, including a Porsche with full coverage, and it is under $900 per six months for me in Providence city limits.

Wtf are folks driving that it is so much?


kermitdafrog21 t1_j51o057 wrote

Who do you use for insurance? I drive a 10 year old Chrysler 200 with no comprehensive or collision and a clean driving record and pay about $1100 for my 6 month premium


tibbon t1_j52bemt wrote

Progressive. 25 years clean driving record maybe helps? I’ve been with them over a decade too which gets me a few discounts


kermitdafrog21 t1_j52e6as wrote

Darn, I was really hoping your answer would be somewhere I hadn’t checked yet 😂 I use USAA, but Progressive gave me a quote that was basically exactly the same as what I pay last time I looked


Stillnotdonte t1_j59wffe wrote

USAA is expensive. The customer service is amazing though. I'd definitely shop around. When I changed my insurance, I actually went through a broker, and it got cut in half.


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_j52bccc wrote

Seriously want to know the answer to this. A clean driving record and old car will still get you $500/6 mo. premiums in the wealthy zip codes. I've seen a lot of insurance posts and quotes on here and I don't think anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard would get you a rate that low with accident rates this high.


SparkyJackson t1_j521bkp wrote

More an issue of zip code than what people are driving.


tibbon t1_j52bbrl wrote

Hmm. My zip code I would assume to have high rates- as I’m off Branch Ave.

I also have a perfectly clear driving record. Zero tickets ever. Zero wrecks with 25 years on the road


Mountain_Bill5743 t1_j52duco wrote

Woah how have you avoided wrecks here for 25 years?! I had someone total my first car when they blew a red light and the second car was nearly destroyed when someone plowed into me at a yield. Other friends have had drivers get arrested for DUIs or smash into a row or parked cars at full speed.

Like... seriously, how?! Did you just move here and do all the other years in a low risk state?


tibbon t1_j5371ye wrote

Most of the time in Boston. Defensive driving with the assumption people are trying to kill me. Motorcycling for about half that time with zero wrecks or drops either. Even at lights I’m checking my assumptions about other cars movement