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leavingthecold OP t1_j64mtes wrote

The subject was not about tipping but the type of establishments that practice this outside of a normal bar/restaurant.


lavendergrowing101 t1_j64na0l wrote

You wont see the expectation of constant tipping in societies where tipping isn't normalized by the tipped minimum wage - that is the root of it. If bosses paid workers fairly and workers were able to work with dignity, we wouldn't have such a culture of tipping spreading to other businesses.


leavingthecold OP t1_j64remg wrote

well in the case of the mechanic shop that showed the tip option on payment table , this is an independently ran shop, I doubt he has guys working for less than market rate or else he wouldn't have employees. Just emphasizing the fact it was at a mechanics shop was a shocker.


Jtownusa t1_j65ax9u wrote

A mechanic shop asking for tip blows my fucking mind! I'm half expecting to see a tip jar at my doctor's office next time I get a physical.


leavingthecold OP t1_j65cch6 wrote

Don't be shocked if you do, everyone is getting in on it. Hell seeing this today I might as well make a tip jar to carry around.