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Manic-Finch781 t1_j65oe9e wrote

Let's not conflate protest with riot, shall we?


Kelruss t1_j65j28u wrote

The last time there was a rumor of pre-planned riots it was a hoax promoted by right-wing radio host John DePetro.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j65jcsy wrote

The time before was him too. The time before that? Also him. Dude was late to the one night it actually happened and he's been chasing it ever since.


lavendergrowing101 t1_j65ljjl wrote

I mean, shouldn't people be protesting police committing yet another extrajudicial murder of a black man in this country? You should be more appalled if there weren't any protests.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j65o1pk wrote

Hell RI itself just witnessed an off duty cop get off with felony assault (thank you user below me for the correction!) Then the news out of Atlanta. Then this. Tensions never eased after 2020 either. Protests SHOULD be happening.


Kelruss t1_j65q6eq wrote

Just to be clear the charges were felony assault, not murder. His victim was shot but not killed. It was (in my view) an inexplicable and frustrating verdict, nonetheless.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j65qp57 wrote

Thanks for the correction! Sorry, cops kill and assault so many people that the incidents blur together sometimes.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j655yh5 wrote

I've seen a flyer about something at Burnside Park tonight. Riots? Not so much.

Even though the one riot Providence had was absolutely planned to be exactly that, most riots aren't really planned and announced in advance.


GustavVA t1_j6580fj wrote

Agreed. Most likely a protest or a vigil would not even rate compared to real riots. Providence is more likely to have a bunch of Brown University undergrads running around with signs, not, like, flipping over cars.


anoncamcam OP t1_j65is65 wrote

lol yes I'm aware in a normal society riots are not in fact planned however... its 2023. things are not normal anymore. thanks for flyer info tho.


BOKEH_BALLS t1_j66rfys wrote

The USA needs more riots over housing and inequality.


leavingthecold t1_j655br7 wrote

Not in the woke circle myself but where do they think these riots/ protest will be staged?


stand-up-tragedy t1_j65er83 wrote

Probably your house. Maybe your living room.


leavingthecold t1_j65fblr wrote

Oh word you gonna be there as well. I'll make sure to have milk and cookies ready. Oatmeal or chocolate chip?


GustavVA t1_j657t32 wrote

I would guess in front of the capitol building. It's the easiest place to do it.