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lavendergrowing101 t1_j65ljjl wrote

I mean, shouldn't people be protesting police committing yet another extrajudicial murder of a black man in this country? You should be more appalled if there weren't any protests.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j65o1pk wrote

Hell RI itself just witnessed an off duty cop get off with felony assault (thank you user below me for the correction!) Then the news out of Atlanta. Then this. Tensions never eased after 2020 either. Protests SHOULD be happening.


Kelruss t1_j65q6eq wrote

Just to be clear the charges were felony assault, not murder. His victim was shot but not killed. It was (in my view) an inexplicable and frustrating verdict, nonetheless.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j65qp57 wrote

Thanks for the correction! Sorry, cops kill and assault so many people that the incidents blur together sometimes.