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razzledazzle626 t1_jacsj0s wrote

You don’t. This marriage is going to end. Though I do believe this is fake since you posted the exact same thing yesterday with her wanting to be a stripper rather than a prostitute.


aligador t1_jact7v9 wrote

Am I allowed to say "she is for the streets" this time?


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JustAnotherMaineGirl t1_jact9cu wrote

If this is a deal-breaker for you, the only possible way to change her mind is to tell her exactly that - and then be prepared to follow through. It's probably not too soon for you to lawyer up and start talking about divorce and child custody, if she is determined to go through with this terrible plan.

If you married with the assumption of monogamy, you absolutely have a right to insist that she remains monogamous if she wants to stay married to you. She voluntarily chose to limit her own sexuality and restrict access to her body, when she took her marriage vows. Don't let her try to accuse you of anything more than reminding her she's married.


throwranevada82 t1_jacud15 wrote

I reminded her several times of the marriage vow and she went ballistic in particular in that I would need to take our child since she may bring strange men to her house


Gosc101 t1_jact9fg wrote

You can't. Simply state you will be a monogamous marriage or will not be marriage at all. You can start divorce immediately, you suspect something us already going on.


spiteful_rr_dm_TA t1_jactijr wrote

Assuming you are in earnest and events are portrayed correctly... you can't. She is dead set on this and thinks you attempting to convince her out of it is you being a misogynistic control freak. You should get what she is saying in writing, be it texts or emails, even facebook messages, and then go to talk to a divorce lawyer. Even if prostitution is legal in Nevada, I think it would be a slam dunk to get a divorce on the grounds that your formerly not-a-sex-worker wife is trying to become one.


CrystalQueen3000 t1_jacsmfb wrote

How screwed are you financially?

Is this just “extra” money or money needed to survive?


throwranevada82 t1_jact690 wrote

We are both doing decently but she always wants to live a high class life