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tickleyourfanny t1_jege7s3 wrote

>How do I get him back?

you want to know how to get him back? really get him back? you move out on your own, having your own separate space, then you invest in yourself for a bit. Get that thing you need when 'working on yourself', which is time away to reflect and truly change..After a couple years or so(probably longer to be safe), when you are better situated and in control of your own life, you can then exercise the option to share that with someone else. He will absolutely love it!! Seeing the true change, knowing you are an equal partner and not just someone he needs to take care of to fuck, will make take this relationship to the next level. You got this girrrrll.


metajenn t1_jegeilu wrote

Totally agree.

You gotta create space, girl! Every day you guys continue like this is a nail in the coffin.