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tickleyourfanny t1_jedi969 wrote

Did you tell her marriage was has a transactional expectation as well...

> She mentioned that that was a transactional gift and I gifted her the shoes to get something in return

Actually if she kept the sneakers without you getting your side of a transaction, that breaks the transactional contract...reclaim those shoes. had she modeled said shoes, you would no longer have any legal standing to reclaim the merchandise, as she would have completed her end of the transaction concluding the business and legally laying claim to said shoes. Make sure your marriage contract is solid. This one seems like they want to rig the property in her favor, through legal trickery.


ThrowRA_GB t1_jedih14 wrote

I don’t even want the shoes back. She can have it as it was supposed to be a gift for her. The response that I got for something so simple was just dumbfounding


cynicgal t1_jedn29s wrote

Most likely, she sold the shoes, which was why she was unable to take any photos of it.


ThrowRA_GB t1_jedndel wrote

Even if she did. Do you think this i made an unreasonable request? And this is transactional on my part?


cynicgal t1_jedpmev wrote

No, I think it is pretty reasonable. You just want to see how the shoes looked on her. Nothing wrong with that.


Con-Struct t1_jednmh4 wrote

How well do you know this person? Sounds like you're in a movie about a guy whose family is arranging his marriage to an entitled and disinterested woman. The movie ends when he realises his dorky sidekick best friend is actually beautiful without glasses and they run off instead.


ThrowRA_GB t1_jednp2o wrote

Lmaoo! Why did this sound so real and feel like it’s about to happen?


LobsterFar9876 t1_jedihgq wrote

I think it’s very common to want or get a pic with a gift so don’t think you’re out of line. As a woman I’d say you got played. She’s either got a bf or husband but probably has a few guys sending her gifts. She probably doesn’t have the shoes anymore. Probably sold them. That’s why she is so adamant about not sending the pic. She’s gaslighting and manipulating you. Be glad you found out before you got in deeper. I’m sorry you got mistreated and ripped off.