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>If I stopped doing that, which honestly I want to, I highly doubt they’d even want to see me again.

oh no, the horror....Might mean you would have to make new friends that aren't into the party scene. Which may lead to you dating a non-party girl. All sounds terrible if you have a nasty coke habit with some underlying alcoholism. Otherwise, it sounds fucking great.

Your new friends( you are in a new town right) all seem pretty transitional since the whole thing relies on you partying with them..Time for some new friends.


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tickleyourfanny t1_jegs65u wrote

Online. At events. At grocery stores. At book stores. Frisbee golf teams. Tennis at the club.

Just stop going to bars and drug dens and these new people and things to do will suddenly start magically appearing.

Take a sailing course. Take cheeses course. Watch the documentary 'wedding crashers' and go to funerals to pick up women. Go to church, no shortage of saturday night hoes feeling guilty, hitting that place up on Sundays. If you cant get a date in a church, you got problems ( ask any pedophile)