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tickleyourfanny t1_jeg20b8 wrote

yawn...this sub is just sad really. they should just rename it r/badcreativewriting or r/beginnertrolls or r/nonsensepostsbutpleasereplycuzineedattention.


twirlingpink t1_jegr5ug wrote

If you have to convince someone to have sex with you, you should not have sex with them. That's coercion.


gordonf23 t1_jeg2137 wrote

There's a subreddit for everything: /r/bigdickproblems/


MacerationMacy t1_jegb8fr wrote

If you’re not sexually compatible it isn’t going to work. I’m sorry but there’s really nothing you can do unless you’re okay with not doing PIV. No assholes here unless you pressure her to have sex


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