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IncomeFundManager t1_jefrd33 wrote

Anything other than proportional splitting is financial abuse, unless you both agree you’ll be a SAHM

If you work full time you pay a proportional amount…end of story


es153 t1_jefyb0t wrote

It depends on the relationship. I make significantly less than my partner but thats purely down to the life choices I’ve made. I chose to take a long time out to go travelling whereas they’ve had a stable job and so I’m happy for us to split 50/50. The budget for our place was based on what I could afford not them. If we were at the point of discussing marriage it might be a different conversation but for now it works for us.


owmyfreakingeyes t1_jeg742w wrote

If you don't immediately subsidize the finances of your boyfriend or girlfriend upon moving in together, even if you pick a spot that is affordable to the lower earner, you are abusive.

Peak Reddit relationship advice.