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AuntyVenom t1_jeg2xys wrote

So you're saying you have probably Covid and instead of knowing that and how it can affect your sense of taste, you blamed her for bland cooking...? Is that what I'm reading here?


Logical-Wasabi7402 t1_jegpjjs wrote

It sounds like what OP is trying to say is that he's disappointed that his sickness is affecting his sense of taste and he's trying to get sympathy points with his girlfriend who just gave birth and is having serious hormone swings.

And is Surprised Pikachu when she doesn't make the connection.


whereisthetvchanger t1_jeg3069 wrote

…did you express dissatisfaction in her food? How did you word this? This seems purposefully vague in order for you to blame her.

Just be nice. She just went through a huge medical trauma. The fact that she’s still cooking for YOU…you should be taking care of her…cherishing her. She brought you a child. You can learn manners.


[deleted] OP t1_jeg5m7d wrote



whereisthetvchanger t1_jeg6n7z wrote

Ok. Well then just be extra kind to her and don’t have any negative comments.

Again - she just went though a huge medical trauma to give you a child. You can be extra nice to her right now while she’s sensitive.


tickleyourfanny t1_jeg2uhi wrote

> I expressed my disappointment to her twice, but out of nowhere, she became angry.

so your GF cooks for you and you bash her when she does? What is the best course of action? how about not bashing someones food when they make it for you. You sound like a douche. I like how you premise the whole thing with 'postpartum' GF, you know really try to put your shitty communication skills on the back burner and make it about how your GF is someone inherently in the wrong.


QuirkySyrup55947 t1_jegllpg wrote

OMG... go get a Covid test, stop spreading it, and apologize for your ignorance! How are we almost 4 years into this, and you have no understanding or awareness?

PS: Get your SO some help if she has PP issues.


[deleted] OP t1_jegqbe0 wrote



QuirkySyrup55947 t1_jegqo45 wrote

2023-2019= almost 4 years of COVID (not your relationship)!!!!

PS: Relationships 101: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.


Logical-Wasabi7402 t1_jegpogo wrote

Stop saying "it's too bad I can't taste it". Instead say "I bet this will taste even better when I'm better"


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southcoastal t1_jeg42lk wrote

She should divorce you. She’s just had a baby and you’re moaning about her cooking. Fuck off with your toddler entitlement. You should be cooking for her. Idiot. Or troll.


[deleted] OP t1_jeg4eke wrote



CaroSCP t1_jeg5k6o wrote

Yeah, like that is an improvement. Blame her & make her feel bad for looking after you when she's the one who still needs looking after. Let's just hope you haven't given her and baby whatever horrible bug you've got.