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Individual-Gene-2237 t1_iugfyet wrote

That's a tough situation, I can only say what I would do. I'd start to with hold sex, if he can't go for a nice walk or do anything to make you feel important and more then "a piece of ass" then why give him what he wants. You are more important then that always remember that!!!!! So I'm older than you that's my dad side talking. Take care and Good luck and remember to know your worth!!!! Stay positive.


dontbsorrybsexy t1_iugg6sz wrote

He sounds lame asf. Also the Part at the end about him jerking off on FT while you’re just talking…….. does not sit right with me. That’s gotta be some form of harassment or something. Sounds like you’ve done everything you can to communicate your wants and he doesn’t really care/ doesn’t put in the effort. And it’s gross that he’s constantly sexualizing you. Why can’t you guys just be wholesome together sometimes!


Upbeat_Vermicelli983 t1_iugieew wrote

Based on what I read your bf

  1. Wanting to stay at your place and have you perform fellatio and intercourse.
  2. He blow off/ ignores your comments
  3. Not consider your wish to do other thinks the have sex session at your place.
  4. Your both go to higher education.
  5. You been dating long time.

Based on those 5 items I going to give you my advice.

  1. As a couple you should alway seek variety of experience together. This help keep things interesting. It it wonderful you have a active sex life!! You both need to extended free time to other things like; a. Group dates b. Getting hobby together c. Doing something that helpful to community like go around park and pick up trash

I would like to understand more about why he is not activity listing to you?

What is your communication style?

On the average how often do you see each other per week?



[deleted] OP t1_iuh0lbs wrote



Upbeat_Vermicelli983 t1_iuhmr8x wrote

It vary concerning if he is getting angry during a normal convo. What is the subject about ? Is the same subject set his temp off?

Now about sex maybe you should switch the order of things. Sure you are thinking what am I saying …. Designed it that you get your orgasm first…

So let say he want you to give him fallatio he has to go down on you and give you cunnilingus first.

Button line is if you two keep arguing and it cause long term stress it should be broken up


luvduvbunny t1_iugjgse wrote

You know you don’t have to have sex with him?

If he gets mad, that means he doesn’t respect you as a partner.

Dump his ass


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DavefromKS t1_iuglb5q wrote

Lol all that's normal.