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ohgoodness2016 t1_iyevaka wrote

Please keep your distance until you graduate!! Her entire life and career could possibly end.


[deleted] OP t1_iyevt52 wrote



lookinforpass t1_iyew8jz wrote

Yes. There probably be an investigation if you’re caught.


[deleted] OP t1_iyewipf wrote



lookinforpass t1_iyexcnl wrote

If she’s your professor in college and teaching you I’d wait. Finish with the class. If you’re not in any of her classes you’re fine


Lexotron t1_iyevjpv wrote

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

There is no good reason an older person in a position of authority would ever start a relationship with one of their underlings.

Do not contact her outside of the classroom. Do not reply to any personal messages from her. Keep your relationship as student/teacher only.


diagnosedwolf t1_iyevfq3 wrote

It depends on what you mean by “spend time.” You can absolutely be neighbours and friends. You can hang out and have barbecues and complain to each other about Mrs Next Door’s garbage bins.

But while you are her student, you cannot have sex with her. You cannot kiss her, speak romantic thoughts to her, fondle or embrace her, or in any other way have any kind of romantic relationship with her.

A teacher is in a position of authority over their students, so they cannot have romantic relationships with them. That can ruin their careers.


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EvenOrchid6345 t1_iyex780 wrote

Heeeey so I know you're technically an adult and all, but as your teacher and the older person, she has a duty of care towards you. Allowing a romantic relationship to even become a thought is unethical on her part. It's not a good sign of who she is as a person.


diagnosedwolf t1_iyex94f wrote

Don’t let anything get beyond “normal” until you’re no longer her student.

Love will wait. It’s far better to be able to honestly say that you didn’t start your relationship until after she stopped teaching you. She could literally go to prison over this. It’s not a small thing.


Intheboxalready t1_iyeviih wrote

If she's your teacher, she should know better than to spend time with you one on one. It is putting you both in danger. She is in a position of authority over you and it can be abused.


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throwaway_island83 t1_iyevhl4 wrote

Assuming it stays platonic, there is nothing to worry about


Admirable-Gur-7043 t1_iyewzdd wrote

I would say it is her responsibility to consider as she knows possible consequences


CheapChallenge t1_iyey3d5 wrote

College or high school?

If high school, wait until graduation. If college, wait until semester is over(but you can keep up the flirting and talking)


kevin_r13 t1_iyeyike wrote

Spend time with her after she's no longer your teacher.

So when you introduce her two people you know, you can say she's my neighbor or your friend, instead of she's my teacher, and she's in control of my grades, so I have to be nice to her or else she might fail me


OptimisticRealist__ t1_iyeuzpo wrote

I mean youre both adults, so all good. The worst that can happen is, if somehow she gives you preferential treatment, that shed be suspended or fired.


[deleted] OP t1_iyev96y wrote



Murky_Anxiety4884 t1_iyewbix wrote

It isn't just about age. There are also the concerns about abuse of authority, and about unfairness to other students.


kevin_r13 t1_iyezt7z wrote

That's the whole point . you shouldn't be crossing the line while she's your teacher.

The fact that she would do it and allow it , means her professional license is on the line.