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buffy6949395 t1_j6ncfmy wrote

wow im glad u feel so entertained


damnkira t1_j6ndbcc wrote

It’s not entertaining, it’s actually quite sad. Not a dig at you in any way, just the fact that servers in the US are paid so little that the responsibility to pay them is on the customers, basically, and if they don’t, or it’s not enough, they get scrutinized. That’s quite a pity.


McSuzy t1_j6ne7m7 wrote

It is the way that server pay is structured here. There are some sad historic roots for the practice but the simple fact is that servers do not want to transition away from tipping. They are better off with the current system.

For diners, it is very very simple. When you are served, you tip. The going rate is 20% for acceptable service. It is very simple to calculate and you know before you even choose a restaurant that you will be tipping. It's just not hard.

And of course people who fail to tip properly are scrutinized. That is tantamount to running out on the check. If you don't tip well, you should be criticized.