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chefwalleye t1_j6o7re7 wrote

Do you think we chose this system or even have the power to change it? I agree. It’s not logical or productive. But, refusing to tip only hurts the workers and doesn’t change the system. Most Americans that are here to complain about the system are really just cheap and don’t want to pay for anything. If we didn’t have tipping, food prices would increase. Americans can’t handle that either.


lucketta t1_j6oa375 wrote

Of course you, as a country, chose this system. And of course you or anyone else as a person doesn’t have the power to change it.

That’s irrelevant tho. And for the rest of the world it just feel like you are being ripped off. If someone came to my country and ordered something in my business and I told them that beside my product/service they would have to pay my employees wages too I don’t imagine it would be pretty.


chefwalleye t1_j6pdwmm wrote

You’re right. I forgot about when we all voted for tipping culture. Tipping culture is ridiculous and if I could change it I would. Is this honesty the only thing you have to feel superior about? You’re restating the most common complaints about a universally disparaged and outdated system like it’s some kind of revelation.