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biopticstream t1_j6njc9w wrote

Your girl is a grown woman and she deserves to have a good time and let loose with her friend. Don't be a buzzkill by trying to control her every move. That's just not cool, man.

She knows how to handle herself and if she gets too wasted, her friend will be there to look out for her. Plus, she's in a whole different country, she's not gonna be bumping into any creeps she knows.

Just let her live a little and have a good time. Trust that she won't do anything she'll regret. And if she does happen to run into any sleazy dudes, she's smart enough to handle herself.

But if you're really that worried, just tell her how you feel. Let her know you're concerned for her safety and that you just want her to be careful. But don't try to control her every move. That's just not cool, bro.

And for the love of God, don't be a clingy BF. Let her have her space and have fun with her friend. She'll appreciate it and you'll have a happier relationship for it.