Submitted by cnthcltr t3_10qbg5x in relationship_advice

Yesterday night we have a fight, and slept in bad terms. Today morning I said I was sorry about the fight, and cooked him a nice lunch, treated him really well, I bought his favourite beverage. He said everything is ok but he is treating me like shit. When I ask why he's treating me like this he says he is completely normal and fine.

I'm losing my mind because I don't know what to do. If he's still mad, why he doesn't say anything? Why is he saying everything is normal yet he's not behaving as usual?

Please help!



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Jmm1272 t1_j6p057m wrote

What did you say when he told you he’s normal? Did you say no you’re not, something is different?


HatsAndTopcoats t1_j6p1tc8 wrote

Since what he says is meaningless, stop paying attention to it. What do you want to do about the fact that he's treating you like shit?


diagnosedwolf t1_j6p2aw9 wrote

When you say he’s treating you badly, what is he doing?


cnthcltr OP t1_j6p2yvr wrote

He's giving me the silent treatment. I tried to talk normally and he just doesn't talk to me. If I'm at the bedroom, he leaves and spend time in another room so he doesn't have to be around me.


diagnosedwolf t1_j6p391k wrote

What happened during the fight? Did you say anything very hurtful?

Could it be that he’s still processing his emotions after the fight? Sometimes a person needs a little more time to get over something, even if they accept an apology.


cnthcltr OP t1_j6p4eya wrote

He was mad at me last night because I asked him to stop banging his leg on the bed because it was waking me up. Then he proceeded to sleep in the couch. I went after him and said that he he was behaving like a child and it was unnecessary, that he should come back to bed, but he didn't. And woke up like this.


Fuzzy-Constant t1_j6pa8ry wrote

Why are you trying to fix it if he's the one with the problem? You should tell him that you're not OK with the silent treatment and if he wants to have a talk like a grown-up he should let you know. You don't have to cook for him and buy him stuff when he's acting like a child. You're just encouraging him.


Excellent_Care1859 t1_j6pj8zk wrote

Maybe just try leaving him alone. Stop pushing him to talk about it. Some people need more time to process their feelings or to move on from negative emotions. You pushing him is probably making it worse.