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ZephyrInfernum t1_j9tatfq wrote

Ahh, coriander AKA cilantro! To eimenit tastes wonderful and to others it tastes like soap. To those people, I recommend trying "culantro" if you can find it. It's milder and doesn't have the detergent taste.

And I find it odd that tortilla chip day and hate coriander day are the same day seeing as coriander is a staple ingredient in salsas, which go on tortilla chips. Oh well.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j9tb9p2 wrote

I always use "coriander" to indicate the seeds and "cilantro" to indicate the leaf. I like them both


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9tf71i wrote

That's a North American thing. Everywhere else they're interchangeable/synonymous.

I think they're great too. Ground coriander goes well in basic tuna/chicken salads.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j9tiluv wrote

gosh I love cilantro. I have a handful of weird recessive genes but I am sure glad I don't have the cilantro/soap thing going on


Kingful t1_j9ucwj7 wrote

Easy there, partner. The man said it's tortilla chip day, not salsa day.


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9udgjg wrote

Are you going to eat tortilla chips without salsa? Or queso? Both should have cilantro.


Kingful t1_j9udx4i wrote

How better to appreciate the taste of tortilla chips on Tortilla Chip Day than without salsa and guac getting in the way


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9ugoc8 wrote

Fair enough. Just seems a little drab to me. To each their own.