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GrayRVA t1_j9tbpmz wrote

Are you smarter than an RVA Mod? Dunno, because they never post their scores on the Slate News Quiz.


PercyDovetonsils t1_j9tno1c wrote

7/12, 314, and that was with a bit of guessing. I suppose RVA mods are smarter than me, too smart to post such pedestrian scores as mine.


I_Got_A_Truck t1_j9tssgf wrote

Didn't really wanna post, but since everyone else is getting 7/12, I may as well.

7/12, 320.


RV-Yay t1_j9twg4o wrote

8/12 355. I was totally out of the loop on the ones for which I had to make guesses.


raindeerpie t1_j9tp9fg wrote

7/12, 305. looks like I'm on theme. just a little slow