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piso_mojado t1_j9tsxr3 wrote

Does anyone have a suggestion on places to park to catch the Pulse into the city for the VCU game this evening? Thanks!


SarahOnTheHill t1_j9tyixg wrote

Which direction are you coming from? I think you could park at Willow Lawn if you’re coming from that side.


piso_mojado t1_j9tyu8i wrote

Yeah I’m coming in from the west. I’m leery of parking in Willow Lawn proper due to their no parking towing signs. Does that actually happen?


SarahOnTheHill t1_j9u2hr5 wrote

Not sure. I think it would be too difficult to determine why your car was parked there. You could be at Panera for all they know.


stickynohte t1_j9u23vx wrote

Honestly, just park in the fan or Scott’s. Short pulse ride to campus.


foxcat505 t1_j9u7y5m wrote

Just don’t rely on the pulse taking you back if you stay out too late - my friend and I waited an hour and the last bus never rolled by.


raindeerpie t1_j9ua0wm wrote

why time is the pulse supposed to stop running? I've done this for multiple games and never even thought about getting stranded.