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foxcat505 t1_j9u7qra wrote

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What’s the you tubers name ? I’ve never been successful making Indian food at home .


Arcangelathanos t1_j9ul75j wrote

SoooOOoo....her name is Leskimi Nair, but before you go searching for her, I have to give disclaimers - It's not in English and only some of the videos have English subtitles. She also does a crap ton of filler talking. Additionally, most of the recipes will probably be unfamiliar to you bc Indian restaurants around here are North Indian. Shaan Geo's videos are better bc there's no filler talk. The ingredients are written in English so in theory you should be able to follow along even with the language barrier. But same disclaimer about the recipes.


foxcat505 t1_j9v27gw wrote

Oh wow thank you for the heads up - I will def check out Shawn Geo and look forward to trying a new style of Indian food - thank you!