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Realtorandy t1_ja86jtf wrote

Prices are trending upwards. Inventory is extremely limited and I am seeing multiple offers situations every weekend.


Gamegis t1_ja8em2t wrote

One of my family members is a realtor and said they’ve seen an uptick recently. Said inspection waiving had kinda disappeared after the initial Covid surge and is seeing it come back again now.


Realtorandy t1_ja8t2h9 wrote

Yeah it is definitely back and I think will be a feature of the whole spring season.


goodsam2 t1_ja8wn65 wrote

I think we might see a slow down again with the future raises in rates coming in.


tRillVA t1_jaa0pj9 wrote

Rates don’t matter if people are paying cash... A house just sold in my neighborhood for $403 per sq ft. We got our house for $287 a sq ft in August 2021 after going $50k over asking and thought that was high at the time.