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Anyone know of a store in the Richmond area that sells Topo Chico? My wife is a native Texan and is lamenting the unavailability of her favorite sparkling water, and I have the free time today to go get some if someone would tell me of a store that sells them. Whole Foods carries the lime flavored ones in plastic bottles but I want to find the original unflavored ones. Thanks!

Edit: found and purchased, thanks everyone for the advice



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Safe-Radio-3336 t1_j9tlgym wrote

Most food lions have it (12 packs) in the Hispanic food sections


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tmlim wrote

Thanks!! The couple I had checked so far didn’t but maybe they just sold out quickly


Safe-Radio-3336 t1_j9tyen8 wrote

I know for a fact that the one on crater road in Petersburg has it, if you’re up for a little drive south


whoswalkinwho t1_j9tzez7 wrote

Food Lion on Forest Hill has it. I saw them a few days ago and almost picked up a 6 pack


Ill_Perception_4777 t1_j9tn37z wrote

I bought a case of the big bottles for a great price at Costco in midlothian last week 😁


piersode t1_j9ttmcx wrote

Can confirm, this would be the place to get it. Note the Short Pump Costco doesn't carry it


hereuntilnow t1_j9ty7yp wrote

The Broad St. Costco has it now! I saw it there last week. It is in the normal bottled water section.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j9tkl5g wrote

Godspeed. Elwood Thompson usually has them (but priced higher than other stores). Kroger is hit or miss, people wipe it out as soon as they restock. My husband is obsessed with these and we have an agreement that if I find a case in the wild I buy them immediately


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tkyyl wrote

Yeah that’s basically where we’re at and today I have the time and the means so I’m on a quest


SquadleHump t1_j9tu9yg wrote

Texan here. Let your wife know that Coca-Cola bought out Topo Chico around 5 years ago.


Oostylin t1_j9tq0k1 wrote

I've only ever seen them at the Kroger in Carytown but like Cheese said it can be hit or miss if they're in stock - maybe talk to an employee to see when their trucks come in?


cr4zy-cat-lady t1_j9tnvey wrote

Carytown Publix has it pretty reliably! They have the standard glass bottles of unflavored, and liter bottles of it as well. I talked with an employee stocking it recently and he said demand had increased a lot so they’ve increased how much they order from their vendors.


tactfullcactus t1_j9tof3m wrote

I'm at this publix right now and they have a ton. I do Instacart and this is one of the only stores that has it in stock pretty often!


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9to34p wrote

Nice!! Headed over to Carytown now to check fresh market and, failing that, Publix. It’s a bit of a trek but surely we can find a second thing to do in Carytown once we’re there


Bimmers96 t1_j9to7if wrote

A good alternative that I’ve been drinking is the Jarritos Mineragua. Doesn’t taste the same as Topo Chico, but it burns and holds its carbonation like Topo Chico though. I usually find a case of 12 for $12 at Kroger.


softyK t1_j9tkvt0 wrote

Fresh Market Carytown. I’ve seen it there.


flea_nut_lance t1_j9tn6lt wrote

I got a case at midlo Costco last week.


orthopteran t1_j9tn6ye wrote

I used to always be able to find it at Willow Lawn Kroger, but haven’t checked there in a while. Carytown Kroger almost never has it in stock. When I’m really craving it I’ll also check the Brook Rd. Walmart (not the market) and last ditch effort would be Hardywood or ZZQ, they both usually have it for sale by the bottle. Good luck!! I also hate the lime ones lol.


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tnu6y wrote

We’re headed to the Carytown fresh market now! Anything else worth checking out in Carytown once this mission is complete?


cr4zy-cat-lady t1_j9to53j wrote

Commented separately but check the Carytown Publix!! I get it from there almost every week, it’s in the sparking water section!


fluufhead t1_j9tp4so wrote

Torchys is over there to complete your TX fix but I don't think they open for another hour or more.


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tpmdi wrote

What kind of Torchy’s doesn’t open for breakfast 🤔 I guess one that doesn’t know how the market would support it yet so that’s fair but in my opinion the best thing about torchys is that (in Texas) they open early and serve the full menu right off the bat. Hopefully as the locations here get into swing they’ll decide to do the same. My buddy and I were in a crack of dawn gym routine for a while and would always hit torchys between the gym and work and smash lunch tacos


fluufhead t1_j9ts0nx wrote

Anyway not much is open in Carytown in the mornings. You're close to the vmfa though if you haven't seen that yet.


jilliva t1_j9tpldc wrote

Wegmans and Union Market have it!


Ruby_Ruth t1_j9triak wrote

Walmart sells it in packs of 4, and also in cases of either 10 or 12. I get it all the time!


craftbeerva t1_j9ttqe6 wrote

Not always the most accurate of current stock but there's a Where to Buy tool on their website.

A quick search of RVA shows it should be available at Kroger, Target, Publix, and Walmart locations.


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tu2la wrote

Yeah that’s what we had checked first but they’re all places that are only available for order to store rather than active stock. Luckily with all these responses it sounds like it’s much more available than we thought and we’re headed to get some now!


Alternative_Relief81 t1_j9tvh32 wrote

I’ve been able to find the unflavored Topo Chico in glass bottles at the Whole Foods on Broad (the one closer to downtown, not the Short Pump one) fairly consistently. They often have extra cases at the front of the store near the registers.


DontTouchMyPeePee t1_j9tyew6 wrote

You may have some luck at Walmart, I saw a few cases of the unflavored glass there.


One_Meringue8553 t1_j9u5t2s wrote

I’ve bought them twice before at Farm Fresh in Shockoe Bottom!


Shlunty69 t1_j9yttr7 wrote

I’ve seen it at kroger, Walmart, target


Mmeeggggss t1_j9tkgab wrote

I think Trader Joe’s sells it. Not sure of the flavor. But maybe someone can confirm because I haven’t looked for it there in a while.


cmyk412 t1_j9tl0do wrote

Saw boozy Topo Chico at Target near VCC yesterday.


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tl3da wrote

😯 she could get down on that


combinera t1_j9tui34 wrote

The boozy Topo tastes like it is flavored with candle wax. The regular Topo is hard to find because folks is making Ranch Water.


masonbrit t1_j9tlb2p wrote

Total wine has it and you can order it online so you don’t have to worry about beating anyone to It. That said it’s like a buck a bottle which seems steep? No idea what is usually costs

Edited to add it actually looks like they have liter bottles for 2 dollars too

Publix has it for 13 bucks for a 12

And wegmans has it


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9tmpdx wrote

Thanks! I saw it on the websites for those stores (not including total wine) but then it would say unavailable for pickup


masonbrit t1_j9tmway wrote

I currently have 10 packs of 4 in the total wine cart so I’m assuming they have plenty


TheGratitudeBot t1_j9tnkjs wrote

Hey there OmegaBobcat - thanks for saying thanks! TheGratitudeBot has been reading millions of comments in the past few weeks, and you’ve just made the list!


zebra_c4kez t1_j9tne0v wrote

If you have a Costco membership I saw them selling it by the case at the one in Midlo last week.


eyeball_kidd t1_j9tp2b8 wrote

Think I’ve seen it at strawberry st market


Syrahguy t1_j9tphnl wrote

Total Wine has stocked it at some point, not sure if they still do.


beewee673 t1_j9tq1kj wrote

If you have a Costco membership you might get lucky there. We picked up a case of it last week


Ditovontease t1_j9tszpq wrote

Idk every grocery store. There's also latin grocery stores and markets in the area. I like the one next to Mekong on Broad St in the near west end


smellslikebadussy t1_j9ttg9z wrote

I’ve gotten it at Bellgrade Kroger before, both with and without alcohol. No idea if it was seasonal there.


10000Didgeridoos t1_j9ttt46 wrote

Honestly your best bet is just ordering online and saving yourself the wild goose chase


Working-Tart8843 t1_j9tu3bo wrote

Call good foods grocery in bon air if they don't have them in stock they might order for you!


thattallerguy t1_j9ul282 wrote

There are lots of Latino markets on 33, and one in Ashland at Rt. 1 and 54. Usually a pretty reliable place for this stuff.


Swrdmn t1_j9uopou wrote

New Grand


jxf5016 t1_j9ux79d wrote

Amazon fresh Go puff


Cerebral-Knievel-1 t1_j9uyqdw wrote

I usually get it at the Walmart at brook and parham.

I've never hadva hard time finding it


Ryanisreallame t1_j9vas64 wrote

If you ever want them while eating/drinking out, City Dogs has them in stock!


[deleted] t1_j9vxoeu wrote

Kroger on laburnum always has it by the checkout lines


WorldsBestPapa t1_j9w016x wrote

Publix in Cary town always seems to have them.


FalseSystem6055 t1_j9wisqr wrote

I have seen it at Whole Foods in Short Pump.


Williedfa t1_j9tz7uh wrote

Enjoy the forever chemicals


OmegaBobcat OP t1_j9u55hq wrote

Is the implication here that Topo Chico is toxic?