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Ms-Pamplemousse t1_j9g5la5 wrote

Are they getting them from Chesterfield? 🤪


braque_mustapha t1_j9g8adc wrote

They can come take mine, it's been at least six months since the cans were picked up and the VCU kids treat them like trash cans anyways


rabbiferret t1_j9hvmnu wrote

If they're filled with trash, they won't be picked up. Contamination (trash in bins) cause major issues and so can's with trash aren't picked up. If your bins are just recyclables and they're being missed you should call their customer service.


dalhectar t1_j9gayr8 wrote

> By July 1, the new carts will be the only acceptable container permitted for recycling collection at single-family homes in the county. Nothing placed beside the carts (including cardboard) will be collected, according to the CVWMA.


Ms-Pamplemousse t1_j9gloio wrote

Interesting, trying to increase effeciency, I suppose. The people who pick ours up now definitely approach each type of bin differently and 100% manually.


BillyWilly2019 t1_j9gxps6 wrote

I am guessing that the new trucks will have arms or something to lift the cans. 95 gallon cans would be very difficult for a human to lift. Especially if it has a large amount of paper in them. They also, in theory, be able to stay in the truck.


rabbiferret t1_j9hw78k wrote

Arms on trucks with uniform carts will increase the efficeincy of pickups, reduce the amount of staff needed, and expand access to recycling. A fair number of people only have bins, and don't want to carry something to the curb, alley, etc. Bins will (hopefully) make recycling more accessible, increase the volume of recycling, and the number of people who do recycle.


Dr_Bonejangles t1_j9iufqs wrote

Our guy likes to body slam our containers once he has dumped them.. All 3 are in pretty rough shape.


BillyWilly2019 t1_j9jxxl6 wrote

Mine has a ever growing split because of that. I live in a Townhouse complex. Sometimes they actually make it to the curbs. Most of the time they are laying in parking spaces.


MazeppaPZ t1_j9i7mon wrote

Good; I was planning on buying one from the county for $65. Procrastination for the win!


Floppy454 t1_j9gi3df wrote

We stopped using pickup because the bins suck and we couldn't keep recyclables outside while we waited for pickup. We always ended up driving to a recycling center when the inside pile got too big. I'm looking forward to these new bins, I'll definitely be giving them another try.

They also missed our house pretty often, but hey, these bigger bins might be harder to miss


RulerOfTheRest t1_j9ge2qp wrote

Just read about this yesterday when I was trying to figure out if my recycling was going to be picked up today, or be delayed because of Presidents Day (it wasn't delayed, but the trash was). I'm happy about it because the way the collectors have tossed around my small bin it's full of cracks. Fortunately, this article answers the question I was going to ask them about what to do with the old bin, and that's to drop it off at the public use areas, or at the government centers so they can be recycled. Because after July 1st they're only accepting things in the bin, I'm guessing they're switching to recycling trucks with robotic arms, much like the county has been using for years...


upearlyRVA t1_j9giujt wrote

I think this was announced last October. Thanks for the reminder!!!


thetoddfather05 t1_j9h64gb wrote

Does anyone know if we can recycle the smaller crate sized green bins? We have a couple old and cracked one and wondering how to dispose of them


RefrigeratorRater t1_j9hc7y0 wrote

If you live in Henrico, the landfill may be able to take them. They have a recycling portion and I imagine if anyone can take it, it’d be there will the various collection bins they have.


upearlyRVA t1_j9hb5y9 wrote

I plan on throwing mine in the new larger bin. Either that or hopefully they just take the old ones when the new one arrives.


[deleted] t1_j9g8bmc wrote



Proper-Ad4006 t1_j9i5h00 wrote

They're transitioning to just the large bins, it's a waste to give out small bins that will need to be tossed anyway


andrewsucks t1_j9izn0c wrote

We paid for ours last year. Totally worth it too.