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lurked2long t1_j9bn6ua wrote

Tobacco Company! For any function honestly.


healing_gourd t1_j9cn51v wrote

Nah Tobacco Company is expensive, but definitely not mediocre. I see a lot of functions happening at Casa del Barco which fits the description of mediocre and path of least resistance waaaay more I think.


92eph t1_j9c1dim wrote

Amazingly, that has been the case for the 30 years I’ve lived in RVA.


manintheyellowhat t1_j9bt9vm wrote

I’ve been there exactly once and my steak was terrible


doodersrage123 t1_j9fz7r2 wrote

Went there once in the late 90s or early 00s and whatever I ordered was inedible. Never wanted to go back. Tastes have likely changed since then, but it's out of my way to even attempt to go there anyway.


neatlair t1_j9ciylq wrote

Used to be good


RVAPerson804 t1_j9ltilv wrote

When? Seriously asking, because I've been in Richmond a long time and never heard good things about the food.


tpasmall t1_j9dnywt wrote

Never had a bad experience there. Expensive and pretentious? A little bit, but the food is great.


saintdemon21 t1_j9dzjty wrote

I’ve never been, but in high school it was the go to Homecoming and Prom spot.