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fiestymcshiesty t1_j9bnw8i wrote

Capital Ale House downtown


Safe-Radio-3336 t1_j9brao0 wrote

Worked there for years! Between MCV, General Assembly, and hotels, that place is OVERLY content being bleh forever


fiestymcshiesty t1_j9brqvg wrote

We probably know each other then.


LostDefectivePearl t1_j9bvpvn wrote

This is my worst Reddit fear


piggyperson2013 t1_j9fl1j8 wrote

#Brewers of Bingo and Main Line doxxed me on here a couple months ago, it’s definitely spooky when someone calls you by your full legal deadname on here

Edit: Someone reported this for a suicide check. Good to see that the brewers and their buddies are still bullies that get their kicks by trying to intimidate people online. Also I’m definitely making this comment bigger now!


[deleted] t1_j9bt95y wrote



fiestymcshiesty t1_j9bud5t wrote

I don’t think they had a chili night. Unless you are confusing the late night menu specials with a chili night.


RustyLugs t1_j9cwtbp wrote

How I wish they gave the music hall the love it deserves. Probably the current best room in town bar the camel.


iwearlederhosen t1_j9cq1hv wrote

15+ years ago they were the only place to get a variety of beers and have tried to ride that same thing despite craft beers being readily available everywhere


betao05 t1_j9e8b1d wrote

I miss the $1 burger night on mondays.


LionOver t1_j9d3fsw wrote

Yep. That was the first place I ever tried/heard of cask conditioned ale. They're alright in my book.


rabit_stroker t1_j9crovc wrote

Horrible restaurant with seedy food handling policies and upper management that thinks running skeleton crews in the kitchen is the way to make $$. You suck Bernadette


BobbyFuckingB t1_j9cvbkt wrote

You telling me thawing chicken wings in the same sink the mop bucket gets dumped into isn’t chill?


rabit_stroker t1_j9f9s7o wrote

I threw out 10 pounds rotten scrap meat, was reprimanded for it then they had an hourly fish it out of the dumpster and turn it into beef skewers they used on the salads. There's another one of my comments in this chain describing how they kept a child rapist on payroll because they'd be too short staffed to fire him right away


BobbyFuckingB t1_j9fga5a wrote

Oh shit. I wonder how long they worked there. I got out around 2017.


rabit_stroker t1_j9fleaq wrote

It was at the midlothian location. I worked there at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022 and he had been there about a year when I was hired.


twelvesteprevenge t1_j9dnl2c wrote

Lol at Bernie still kicking it around Cap Ale. She was one of the inaugural crew w me way back in 2002 or so when they first opened downtown. I should’ve known when I showed up for training and it was actually “help us paint the whole restaurant for minimum wage and hot dogs” to just keep walking. Matt was such a tool.


rabit_stroker t1_j9f9577 wrote

I was hired as management at the end of 2021. Worked there for 4 months. During that time they refused to hire any hourlies and regularly ran shifts with 2 line cooks, no dishwasher, and a km on a 6 station line on busy nights. They had ads up and people regularly applying. I'm convinced it was their way of making up for having to pay competitive salaries to managers. And guess what? They're still posting for the same management position every month on indeed. Its full of miserable people with the "crabs in a barrel mentality". I hated that place, worst restaurant I've worked in in my 20 yr career

Edit: the worst part was during my tenure they discovered a convicted sex offender worked for them and had been being inappropriate with the underage hostesses but since they were so understaffed they decided to let him finish out the week while they figured how to fill his 40 hr. These hostesses were so creeped out one of them googled him and found him on the sex offender registry which said he hadn't registered in years and there was a warrant out for his arrest. His charges include carnal knowledge of a child under 16. This was a 55+ year old man. They let this dude finish out the week even after these girls brought this to their attention. I was in the process of interviewing at a new place and was hired right around this time and was so relieved to be out of that shithole. I have many other stories of why that's a garbage company run by garbage people


Murky_Pack9675 t1_j9n66rl wrote

Holy shit. Had a feeling.

I remember way back when…when this was the place to get to try different beers than the status quo. There were no microbreweries, or breweries with restaurants really, other than Legend and Richbrau (the original). CAH was the place to go. It’s gone super downhill. They’ve tried to continue to follow their same path as before, but times have changed and they’re not keeping up with the changes.

If they don’t pivot soon and fix the food and the service/management and promote the F out of what could be a great music scene: they will go out of business. Which is a shame.


37BrokenMicrowaves t1_j9c1buq wrote

That’s not the one by the VCU hospital is it? I’ve only been once but they had the best gravy I’ve ever had, period. Rest of the meal was good too.


spillsomepaint t1_j9cajuv wrote

I also have had stellar experiences there. Their burgers send it.


neatlair t1_j9cj55d wrote

Its very expensive for average food and shit service. 1/5


tpasmall t1_j9dnl00 wrote

They have gone downhill every year. They actually used to have decent food.


BearcatChemist t1_j9dpo8e wrote

Honestly I used to live on 6th and main - we loved walking to CAH. The fries were good and they had a rotating cider menu. I didnt think it was too bad, lived there for 5 years.


Colt1911-45 t1_j9ej7he wrote

Had their fried pickles and they were the best. Sliced razor thin. We were also pretty drunk and starving after being let down by the crappy food options at a Browns Island concert.