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I love that Karen from HR is the name of the HR lady on Mythic Quest. Great call back.


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Lol complaining about Henrico but calls the street “Gransby”


juwanna-blomie t1_j8tp7uw wrote

I work in Richmond, spend a lot of time in Richmond, and drive and PARK in Richmond. It affects me just as much as it does anyone else who drives and parks in Richmond. That being said, I sort of agree with all of the sentiments in this thread.

All that to say, where I live is just MINUTES walking distance from the Richmond City line, so jokes on you, it actually very much so is LITERALLY about my surroundings. Also wouldn't call parking in a city a part of culture...


augie_wartooth t1_j8tpdny wrote

But parking in the city is harrrrrrrrd :(

ETA apparently the italics and frowny face weren’t enough to indicate I’m kidding


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For all the shit people give (myself included!) Richmond's driving scene or should I say culture, I have to say it's AMAZING to have free parking in so many places, and in some places ALL DAY. Being from Miami, good luck finding parking anywhere near a restaurant or bar that doesn't cost about $3/hr, and even if you're willing to bite that bullet, you might have to do a few laps around the spot and still parallel park between some asshole's Lamborghini and another's neon-lit Slingshot.


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Henrico isn’t some radically different foreign country with a wildly different culture. Tens of thousands of Henrico residents spend more time actually in Richmond due to work. They have the same rights here you do. Take the time to not be a prick next time.


HamburgerBandit t1_j8tppxi wrote

we live in a closely related area and you wanna piss on those that are advocating for better conditions? More free parking according to emotes and votes from outlying areas?. Seriously what is your thought process. Honestly IDGAF if you get towed, ticked, wrecked, robbed, jumped... from people parking too close. I DESIRE that none of that happens to good people that like to come here. I want coming to RVA to be a good experience for everyone. If that's not your perspective, FU


augie_wartooth t1_j8tqv5i wrote

What on earth is your problem? If someone parking illegally makes you this angry, I would highly recommend you have a real honest conversation with yourself about your anger.


HamburgerBandit t1_j8tvozp wrote

sorry. I was hoping to be clear in my initial post that I'm not overly angry about this. I was looking for feedback, and I believe I have it. I felt there was an issue for those who lived (not just worked) in the VCU area with the time restrictions on parking. Whether that be "free" open access or paid "overnight" access being ticketed by people that abuse those same rights for profit. I realize I've been wrong in many eyes and it's not an issue. I apologize

I don't care about "someone" parking illegally. I care about the people writing tickets to us that live here WHILE parking illegally.

Would it be an issue having a fire truck park (unattended) in front of a fire hydrant? I mean, can every point be argued? Sure. Are you really gonna be on the side that says, "but who cares" vs "yea, this shouldn't be happening"


augie_wartooth t1_j8tog5k wrote

This is an extremely strange and aggressive post. Call the company and report the worker if you feel the need, but this doesn’t require some weird community-wide call to action.

ETA you are absolutely being petty.


HamburgerBandit t1_j8tsiww wrote

I appreciate the honest feedback. I'm admittedly angry for students and having experienced it myself (no parking zone changes). I did contact the worker's employer, who was very helpful/responsive to my concern. I wasn't attempting any all-out call to action but did think (after living in RVA 18+ years) the ticketing systems was bias. I felt I saw an obvious flaw in the "system" but it looks like i've heard otherwise.


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There's a cop who regularly parks their cruiser in the loading zone in front of Cleveland Laundromat. It's infuriating, every time I (disabled) have to park around the block to unload my laundry because this entitled prick is literally above the law I want to file a complaint but like... who are you gonna call, the police?


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Absolutely agree with you laws apply to all of us, equally. Police, parking enforcement, doesn't matter. No parking ever means no parking ever. Maybe if there were a legit emergency, but no you're being petty.


WhalerBum t1_j8tpyue wrote

Yo. Take a chill pill and go on with your day.


rdt69420 t1_j8txdzj wrote

I wish I had this kind of free time.


SorryDuplex t1_j8twtki wrote

Were they working? Like this just seems silly to me.


skeevy-stevie t1_j8toq1l wrote

What was the person doing?


HamburgerBandit t1_j8ttvs0 wrote

parking in a "no parking" zone to take advantage of the parking / issue tickets for other "no parking" offenders


skeevy-stevie t1_j8tvw2x wrote

So they were working. You made it sound like they were going out to eat or something.


eightbitagent t1_j8tvrv0 wrote

Where could this person park while issuing the tickets?


HamburgerBandit t1_j8u0dgi wrote

what exactly does "no parking" mean? Is there a reason that sign exists? Maybe a safety issue? Or should the sign say : "no parking unless issuing tickets". Lets not be dumb here, honest question

Any downvotes, I'm good with. just clarify things. let stupid be known.


eightbitagent t1_j8u1kcx wrote

The problem they’re solving for is keeping people from parking there for long periods blocking whatever needs to be done. To enforce it they need to let a meter maid also park in no parking for 15 mins. Also they have to park somewhere to give the tickets.

I mean I get it, it’s frustrating, but its like if you get pulled over for speeding but are then mad the cop had to speed to get catch you.


skeevy-stevie t1_j8u2kh6 wrote

Would you expect the ticketing employee person to pay for parking in a legal parking spot, while they writing tickets?


HamburgerBandit t1_j8u26xw wrote

ya'll out here talking about whether or not I live in the city, whether I'm being too sensitive. I AM PART OF THE CITY. I may not have a perspective several care about, but I care about our city


DeviantAnthro t1_j8tmtzq wrote

lol Good luck


HamburgerBandit t1_j8tnclk wrote

so alternatives? options to better things? or just "lol Good luck"

I'm trying to have a conversation. There is a very real issue. How can we resolve it?


VAisforLizards t1_j8tsg63 wrote


  1. Get over it, move on with your day
  2. Worry about your own shit not anyone else's
  3. Continue to yell pointlessly at the sky
  4. Take a shit in a bag, put it in the oven on low for about 30 minutes and then throw it away in your own garbage can since smelling your own farts seems to be insufficient for you.
  5. Lol Good luck.

BureauOfBureaucrats t1_j8tsplc wrote

You could always run for city council on a platform of parking justice and reform.


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Reddit user becomes the parking enforcer that they hate


The_Annoyance t1_j8uywf3 wrote

We are doing a bunch of work downtown and frequently park our trucks in one of those lots off Broad. A bunch of the trucks have permanent passes and the ones that don't obviously pay for the day pass. I had been there for a few weeks at this point when one afternoon I came back and watched the enforcer mint a crispy new parking trophy for work unit with the obviously and properly displayed pass.. after just looking at her and pointing at my pass she just shrugged and walked away saying "oops oh well" over her shoulder.. wtf is that? probably 3 quarters of that lot must have been ticketed that day, damn Richmond folk really suck at feeding the meter I guess? *shrugs*


HamburgerBandit t1_j8tyejv wrote

I appreciate the few that helped with feedback. This post wasn't supposed to bring out trolls but living in Henrico/ working in RVA was in no way the same. "Hurr Durr" parking is just.... dumb?. The people living and working around VCU are, and have been, experiencing fines they can't object to. That's my point. My only observation.

I'll leave it there. Again, thanks to those that were aware enough to know I wasn't just ranting for my own benefit, but trying to look out for others, in replies.