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ohgodhowdothis t1_j9aao54 wrote

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetz and Wawawawawawawawawa are both pretty great but yall should check out any local gas station that has "Kirspy Krunchy Chicken", it punches out of its weight class for me at least


DeviantAnthro t1_j9aejtv wrote

KKC fried chicken livers are my favorite.

Edit: the Krispy Krunchy Chicken style of gas station food is something that takes me back to early childhood. That used to be the only type of gas station food around in Virginia and it's always been absolutely fire. I base my entire ranking system of potato wedges on this style of gas station food.


jodyhighrola t1_j9alpmg wrote

>yall should check out any local gas station that has "Kirspy Krunchy Chicken"

👀 I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Fried chicken is one of those things that can absolutely slap from unsuspecting places.


kevomodelo t1_j9atm13 wrote

Best fried chicken in the area is from wise choice at the manakin sabot exit off of 64


fanrva t1_j9awa9x wrote

Agreed. And a chicken tender, egg, and cheese sandwich from there for breakfast is the best.


kevomodelo t1_j9ayj3e wrote

I’m partial to the bologna egg and cheese


BloodyRightNostril t1_j9b97iv wrote

They accidentally introduced us to sausage patty with grape jelly on a biscuit when they screwed up our order. It’s become a regular order for us now.


BloodyRightNostril t1_j9b92gi wrote

That’s my exit, and you’re 100% correct. The chicken tenders there are insanely good, especially on a biscuit.


RVA_RVA t1_j9bucwx wrote

Their cheese steak is surprisingly good. Not authentic, but damn good.


I_Got_A_Truck t1_j9br3tx wrote

My sister got fried chicken from some country Valero FOR HER FREAKING WEDDING RECEPTION. I was totally thinking, "traaaaaaaillllllerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," but it was so surprisingly good. So damn good.


sleevieb t1_j9agmv4 wrote

Where are some good locations


newbkid t1_j9bk6qi wrote

Avoid the one down here in Chester. The gas pumps barely work and the chicken is always a day old


Newyew22 t1_j9ae4ax wrote

I think we’re incredibly lucky to be in the part of the gas station Venn Diagram that includes both.


yourfriendkyle t1_j9asrqh wrote

All that’s missing is Royal Farms


Available-Reward-912 t1_j9avpan wrote

Tell me what we're missing at RF? They are nearby and coming closer.


ucbiker t1_j9b6vjx wrote

RoFo fried chicken is pretty legit.


BloodyRightNostril t1_j9b9dcn wrote

I ate so much RoFo living in Baltimore/Towson that I nearly lost a taste for it. Now I miss it. I’m glad to hear they’re moving in.


AchillesFury t1_j9bwyzu wrote

Their Chesapeake sauce is amazing. Love dipping some tendies in that sauce.


[deleted] t1_j9awk9c wrote



TerrenceTheV t1_j9azci2 wrote

It’s in Colonial Heights right off the Temple Ave roundabout and it’s awesome! I’m still a whore for Wawa though.


DrTacoPants t1_j9b4wf3 wrote

They are building one right now at Midlothian and....Sturbridge? Right around there anyways.


talltom22 t1_j9bjg2f wrote

Royal Farm being built on Midlothian tpk.


Capers0 t1_j9awncy wrote

They are pushing into the region.


NatNat800 t1_j9bqkjf wrote

We have one in Glen Allen if that counts


bw4064 t1_j9ce5ck wrote

As a former PA resident it’s nice to finally have the best of both worlds.


fartinaround t1_j9apnc0 wrote

I love the unspoken rule of holding the door for each other at Wawa. I don’t know if it happens at all wawas but I like to believe it does.


chairmanbrando t1_j9b3oqz wrote

Extra points if you hold it for someone comically far away and they do a little jog to reach the door quicker.


lafleurricky t1_j9b29ie wrote

Wawa doors are almost impossible to open without backing up anyways you might as well just leave it open for another second


whazup007 t1_j9de8kh wrote

Heard a Wawa executive interviewed on the radio. He said they made a conscious decision not to install automatic door openers just so the customers would have this little courteous interaction with each other. If you stand near a Wawa entrance you'll hear people saying "thank you" to each other hundreds of times per hour.


sanitizeyourhands t1_j9bpgux wrote

It 100% does at least in my experience. Been to them all over and it’a a constant part of the visit.


alexfromjupiter t1_j9ab9xf wrote

i’ve started to convert to wawa, but nothing will ever top sheetz fries and the fact that it’s the only store i’ve been able to find in the area that sells my favorite candy bar


SorryDuplex t1_j9adjbt wrote

Please Alex I won’t be able to rest until I know what your favorite candy bar is


macgart t1_j9asehm wrote

He said it’s

> peanut butter meltaways!! it’s by a company called gardner’s from pennsylvania (where i’m from) and sheetz is the only place i’ve been able to get them down here unless i order them online lol


rivercitymo t1_j9ac6xe wrote

> it’s the only store i’ve been able to find in the area that sells my favorite candy bar

Which is???


alexfromjupiter t1_j9afrtx wrote

peanut butter meltaways!! it’s by a company called gardner’s from pennsylvania (where i’m from) and sheetz is the only place i’ve been able to get them down here unless i order them online lol


rivercitymo t1_j9afvxg wrote

Thank you for the closure. We now resume our regularly scheduled workday.


lstunicorn t1_j9awknd wrote

Now wait a damn minute, are they in a box, wrapper at the checkout area? Also from PA. My dad used to get these for my mom every valentine's. I didn't know they are here at sheetz! I need to go get some.


alexfromjupiter t1_j9b01e1 wrote

i’ve only ever seen them in the candy aisle, it’s also been a minute since i’ve had sheetz in general lol

i grew up close to the actual gardner store, so my grandpa would always get us kids a small box on christmas eve, so it’s a nice nostalgia thing for me too


SassyBaconStrip t1_j9ak2lc wrote

Tractor Supply or Ace Hardware might carry them too. Not sure if there's any in Richmond, but there's a TSC not too far away in Mechanicsville


kneel_yung t1_j9afmw4 wrote

> it’s the only store i’ve been able to find in the area that sells my favorite candy bar

that gum you like is going to come back in style


TheCheeseDevil t1_j9aaas1 wrote

I'd eat a sizzli bacon & egg croissant every single day and not be sorry


Colt1911-45 t1_j9ad34n wrote

They never have the double bacon ones and those are my jam


Syrahguy t1_j9ab1na wrote

It blows my mind how FEW of those SPECIFIC ones they make now. They are the best, now they have 5 other styles I don't want.


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j9adi8p wrote

That's the one I see most often. If they only have ONE sizzli in the warmer, it's always the bacon, egg and cheese croissant.


WontArnett t1_j9aoduc wrote

This is the first place I’ve lived where people value the gas station stores.


thedrewid314 t1_j9eq7wt wrote

Mostly my experience, too. While Maverik stations out west (Idaho, Utah) are pretty legit, but not like this.


JeffRVA t1_j9abi6g wrote

Wawa's French Vanilla coffee with French Vanilla creamer is liquid crack.


rva-fantom t1_j9admyk wrote

Man I went in there on Saturday and the only flavor they had left was mint mocha and it truly was upsetting. It’s my own fault getting there that late in the morning honestly.


Arcangelathanos t1_j9b4y5i wrote

They'll make a fresh pot if you ask and they'll even fill up your cup first.


Plenty_Net5261 t1_j9esx13 wrote

I think I made the mistake and poured fat free French vanilla cream once and almost cried...smh


Marino4K t1_j9abzr5 wrote

Sheetz has more food options but Wawa coffee is pretty damn good


iinaytanii t1_j9bgqpa wrote

Sheetz has more food options, but I feel like they are lower quality. Wawa sandwiches are far superior. Sheetz has a surprisingly wide range of deep fried things though I guess?


parrisjd t1_j9dt3k5 wrote

If Wawa had deep fryers they'd be cranking out Hasselbeck potatoes and Thanksgiving turkeys in no time.


mosaic_hops t1_j9aspq9 wrote

I still can’t get over the fact those are totally normal names for things down here. They both sounds like what a gas station would be named in a cartoon or something.


Available-Reward-912 t1_j9aw7a9 wrote

What do you mean "down here?" Down here can't claim those names. That's Pennsylvania, baby.


FARTBOSS420 t1_j9b4h34 wrote

Ye Old Tymes From Frozen Deep Fried Foods Gas Cigarettes and Coffee Emporium


mosaic_hops t1_j9b5a5q wrote

Haha. i just picture some guy with a deep drawl being asked, “so what do you want to call it?” Guy: “sheeeeeeet, i don’t know”. “Okay. Sheetz it is.”


FARTBOSS420 t1_j9b8iby wrote

Bob Sheetz!

>Sheetz, Inc. was founded by G. Robert "Bob" Sheetz in 1952 when he purchased one of his father's five dairy stores located in Altoona [Pencilvania] In 1961, Bob hired his brother Steve to work part-time.

And Wawa I just learned has a way longer history.

>In the 1700s people from Philadelphia and New Jersey settled Wawa [Pencilvania] due to the community's abundance of water. Various mills, including gristmills and paper mills, opened on area creeks.[2] Wawa was originally known as Pennellton[3] and Grubb's Bridge. When Edward Worth built an estate here, he named it "Wawa",[4] the Ojibwe word for "wild goose",[a] because of the flocks of geese attracted to the still water behind Lenni milldam. The name had been transferred to the town by 1884.[3] Forge Hill was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 7, 1973.[5]

>The Wawa business began in 1803 as an iron foundry.[6] In 1890, George Wood, an entrepreneur from New Jersey,[9] moved to Delaware County, Pennsylvania; it was here that he began the Wawa Dairy Farm.[9] Wood imported cows from the British Crown dependency island of Guernsey, and bought 1,000 acres (400 ha) of land in the Chester Heights area;[9] the corporate headquarters would later be renamed Wawa. Since pasteurization was not yet available, many children faced sickness from consuming raw milk. Wood arranged for doctors to certify his milk was sanitary and safe for consumption, which convinced many consumers to buy the product.[9] The strategy worked, and allowed the Wawa dairy to grow. Demand for dairy products grew rapidly during the 1920s, and so did the company. Wawa began using the slogan "Buy Health by the Bottle"; they served customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, delivering milk to customers' homes.

>In the 1960s, however, many consumers began buying milk in stores instead of using home delivery. Wawa started to open its own stores to adjust to these market changes.[6][9] On April 16, 1964, Grahame Wood, George Wood's grandson, opened the first Wawa Food Market at 1212 MacDade Boulevard in Folsom, Pennsylvania,[10] which remained in operation until June 17, 2016, when it closed in favor of a new "Super Wawa" down the street. A parade was held from the original location to the new store on opening day.[8][11][12]


cyber-anal t1_j9anjop wrote

i swear their coffee doesnt have any caffeine in it. maybe im ruined from drinking too much bustelo at home aka jet fuel.


SorryDuplex t1_j9adams wrote

Sheetz has better BYO salad, but Wawa sandwiches are better. I never know what to do


CptJaxxParrow t1_j9be2c6 wrote

Sheetz is a gas station/truck stop with an attached fast food/deli/convenience store. Wawa is a fast food/deli/convenience store with an attached gas station/truck stop.


Syrahguy t1_j9aa0cf wrote

You just started a fight, just so you know.


maddmoxxiie t1_j9ailt1 wrote

Asked the bartender at galaxy diner what his favorite coffee was the other day and he said sheetz, so clearly you’re the one in the wrong here.


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j9avree wrote

Is that the guy that chases people down for assuming they didn't pay even though they did pay?


Crumblebeezy t1_j9axu8m wrote

After the customer hid the money under the plate? No that dude got fired.


maddmoxxiie t1_j9axi0n wrote

Oh is it? I have no idea. He asks me if I’ve done wordle for that day every time I see him. That’s about as much as I know about him


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j9b6bw0 wrote

I actually have no idea either. I thought maybe you were making a joke referencing that guy (who went viral a few months ago), so I made a joke back, like, 'oh, the guy that accuses people of not paying has the correct opinion about this specific thing'. Anyways... gum's gotten mintier.


MamaSlytherin t1_j9ad4ga wrote

Now I'm craving cheezy bacon tater bombs from Sheetz


Pjtruslow t1_j9ae0bd wrote

Wawa dark roast with a little bit of cream is probably my favorite drip coffee anywhere.


dj1200techniques t1_j9a9tx1 wrote

Never been inside a sheetz but WAWA’s coffee bar is indeed top shelf, and their sizzlis are bomb too.


petrichor381 t1_j9ab216 wrote

As I sit here sipping on my dark roast, half non-fat milk/half Irish cream 20oz Wawa cup-o-goodness, I'd have to agree.


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j9ai2no wrote

Wawa Hazelnut coffee is my happy place. It would disgust you all to know how much of it I drink.


Relentless_Snappy t1_j9ajz06 wrote

I used to stop at wawa or sheetz everyday for my lunch break(whichever was closer) when the pandemic started wawa turned up the pump ads and now I only dtop st sheetz. The only thing. Better at wawa is the sandwiches.


turtle_stank t1_j9aypo0 wrote

Sheetz cold brew is god tier though


donkeylipswhenshaven t1_j9bpilv wrote

WaWa subs and coffee are legit amazing, but Sheetz breakfast game is off the chain. Gimmie that everything Shmagel with sausage, egg, sharp cheddar, and fire roasted sauce.

Also, is anyone else old enough to remember the Sheetz house brand of cigarettes? Jacks were camel quality for half the price


The_Kentwood_Farms t1_j9f0w3v wrote

I remember, after moving down here from a part of the country that doesn't have these kinds of gas stations, someone at work asking everyone if they wanted to get lunch at Wawa. I kept thinking, "we're going to a gas station for lunch...on purpose?". Little did I know that the food would be half way decent and the coffee is pretty pretty pretty good.


catalinawinemyxr t1_j9ay26f wrote

Sheetz food is better when you want a large quantity of fried goodness, Wawa is better if you want better quality ingredients.

I also think we’re underestimating the power of Dash-In. Those old bay wings are HARD


wagonboss t1_j9b2duy wrote

I appreciate them for different things, but overall I’d choose Wawa. I’ve had bad gas from a Sheetz, and I know it happens everywhere. But, that was an expensive journey


Commercial-Donkey-10 t1_j9ck4id wrote

Wawa and Sheetz fans need solidarity when the new Royal Farms start opening


Affectionate-Bit3878 t1_j9dixgz wrote

Nobody asked but I have this little dark joke that if I go to Sheetz for gas after dark I feel like I'm going to get kidnapped. If I go to Wawa after dark for gas I feel like I'm going to get assaulted.

Wawa is goated for that gobbler and the coffee with the tasty crumbly ooey gooey cakes they cleverly sit near the coffee bar.


Plenty_Net5261 t1_j9et7ik wrote

When I worked graveyard shift, the only wawa was staples mill. Then sheetz was built on broad so now we had another place to eat at 3am. The only other option was waffle house. Lived and died by wawa...but sheetz had fries and they also have black olives and I'm a sucker for them in a sub. Bread was always hard at sheets too for some reason...smh


lafleurricky t1_j9b1oa5 wrote

You guys get gas at either?!?


wagonboss t1_j9b2zci wrote

I try to fill up at BJs. To try and justify the membership that I use like 3 times a year lol


I_Stabbed_Jon_Snow OP t1_j9b6j2p wrote

Just moved closer to the new one on Hull and got a card on Saturday.


wagonboss t1_j9b7x0u wrote

I own a truck, so I usually get about a fourth of the membership back per fill


Cunbundle t1_j9bajpn wrote

I asked someone from Philly where to get the best cheesesteak in town and they told me WAWA.


MrPlowThatsTheName t1_j9balbl wrote

I love Wawa overall but y’all must be making Folgers coffee at home if you think their coffee is good.


420Chopin t1_j9frfg7 wrote

These people are going to have their minds blown when they try Blanchard’s.


WaffleballBat t1_j9c9tr9 wrote

This is true, but in the battle of mozzarella sticks, Sheetz has a monstrous victory


PhillipLlerenas t1_j9dshwg wrote

Sheetz >>>>>>>> Wawa

There’s absolutely nothing at Wawa that Sheetz doesn’t have a better version of.

Wawa coffee is basically coffee flavored water. It’s so weak I put it in my baby’s bottle.

Sheetz fries are not only God tier: they’re single greatest fries in fast food industry.

I will accept no arguments otherwise.


Visible-Technology-8 t1_j9ebuw4 wrote

Everything Wawa is better then Sheetz. Sheet has terrible quality food half heartedly assembled.


I_Stabbed_Jon_Snow OP t1_j9f74q9 wrote

The coffee itself is comparable at both places, Wawa wins with more variety there. Where Wawa really stands out to me is the coffee bar with a wide selection of self-serve creamers and sweeteners, versus the Sheetz mechanized approach.


Squabbles1234 t1_j9bk07u wrote

Just FYI, nobody should get gas from either of those places, its not top tier gas and it will result in your engine experiencing problems eventually from carbon build up, be warned.

If you insist on getting their gas, buy the additive stuff at least once a month.


steveb22501 t1_j9bw5t1 wrote

Wawa every day! Sheetz coffee sucks!


chairmanbrando t1_j9b44rv wrote

I go to neither because I can't be sure they do anything more than meet the bare minimum requirements for detergent additives in their gas. 🤷‍♀️


Inevitable_Beat_2895 t1_j9bffqq wrote

Wawa's EVERYTHING is the goat. There subs are godly but there hamburger was a lil dry when I tried it.


ScorpioWaterSign t1_j9bgt9b wrote

Wawa’s coffee is top tier. I was there this morning, enjoying the coffee and finished the whole up. A beautiful thing truly


Jon_hamm_wallet t1_j9actb6 wrote

Wawa's coffee is better, but Sheetz has better food. Their ham and pimento sandwich bangs, and their cheese curds are perfection.


bruxalle t1_j9a9z2c wrote

Can we please put an end to this? Being a cheerleader for a gas station is sad.


fluufhead t1_j9aea6c wrote

Agreed. Just have black coffee for breakfast and nothing else. Like an adult.