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ohgodhowdothis t1_j9aao54 wrote

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetz and Wawawawawawawawawa are both pretty great but yall should check out any local gas station that has "Kirspy Krunchy Chicken", it punches out of its weight class for me at least


DeviantAnthro t1_j9aejtv wrote

KKC fried chicken livers are my favorite.

Edit: the Krispy Krunchy Chicken style of gas station food is something that takes me back to early childhood. That used to be the only type of gas station food around in Virginia and it's always been absolutely fire. I base my entire ranking system of potato wedges on this style of gas station food.


jodyhighrola t1_j9alpmg wrote

>yall should check out any local gas station that has "Kirspy Krunchy Chicken"

👀 I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Fried chicken is one of those things that can absolutely slap from unsuspecting places.


kevomodelo t1_j9atm13 wrote

Best fried chicken in the area is from wise choice at the manakin sabot exit off of 64


fanrva t1_j9awa9x wrote

Agreed. And a chicken tender, egg, and cheese sandwich from there for breakfast is the best.


kevomodelo t1_j9ayj3e wrote

I’m partial to the bologna egg and cheese


BloodyRightNostril t1_j9b97iv wrote

They accidentally introduced us to sausage patty with grape jelly on a biscuit when they screwed up our order. It’s become a regular order for us now.


BloodyRightNostril t1_j9b92gi wrote

That’s my exit, and you’re 100% correct. The chicken tenders there are insanely good, especially on a biscuit.


RVA_RVA t1_j9bucwx wrote

Their cheese steak is surprisingly good. Not authentic, but damn good.


I_Got_A_Truck t1_j9br3tx wrote

My sister got fried chicken from some country Valero FOR HER FREAKING WEDDING RECEPTION. I was totally thinking, "traaaaaaaillllllerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," but it was so surprisingly good. So damn good.


sleevieb t1_j9agmv4 wrote

Where are some good locations


newbkid t1_j9bk6qi wrote

Avoid the one down here in Chester. The gas pumps barely work and the chicken is always a day old