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DeviantAnthro t1_j9fqymy wrote

I'm sure glad RPD saved Richmond from those violent stoners, think about how many more murders there would have been this past weekend otherwise.


okcknight t1_j9fyhn2 wrote

Most street level dealers of hard drugs have been arrested many times. They know the game, they know not to walk around with literal pounds of illegal substances (unlike Mr. Happy Trees) That way when you get caught, you get a slap on the wrist for simple possession and you’re right back on the corner next week.


RiverYuppy OP t1_j9g29nh wrote

Sadly this is true. They often do it in groups too. One is selling. One controls money/gun. With optionally a lookout. Then someone drives by every so often to pick up cash to make sure they aren't holding so much that they become a target to other criminals. Also police can't get them with possession & firearm or confiscate too much money as the dude with the money hasn't done anything apparently illegal.

Occasionally you'll see a Porsche or Ferrari pull up and talk to them. I wonder if those are just rich dudes buying drugs or the people running the show. I think the latter since they seem to stay and chat and I never see them buy.

I think if they were inconvenienced enough by being arrested so often, they would at least move their operations. I imagine moving operations would result in a hit to sales.

But I'm sure RPD doesn't want to increase their simple possession charges.


ApocalypticShadowbxn t1_j9gws1c wrote

what you describe is NOT how most richmond "street corner" drug dealing is set up. what you describe is how its done in baltimore(the wire was somewhat accurate portrayal of Baltimore's drug trade), Philadelphia & other larger cities, but most Richmond street dealing is not set up like that. no idea where it is that you are observing what you think you are seeing, but you are probably misunderstanding what you are watching.


RiverYuppy OP t1_j9ryxgr wrote

I see it every day in highland park three blocks from my house.


goosey65 t1_ja32ngg wrote

What part of Highland Park are you seeing this in? Genuinely asking. I’ve encountered what I assumed was some drug activity by Carolina Market but that has gotten very quiet since August.

Outside six points, I mostly see older folks who appear possibly on drugs but nothing matching your description in terms of operations.

I’ve walked countless times through the area where the shooting occurred and never seen anyone outside except an occasional walker or person waiting for the bus.

NOW, I have seen homes that look like drug houses but again, have not seen drug corner operations like you’ve described. So again, just curious where you see this happening because maybe it’s just not on my radar.


Plenty_Net5261 t1_j9j8ajc wrote

Seems like you lumped a few movies together to describe how drugs are sold and money is exchanged?


t00oldforthisshit t1_j9ha81t wrote

Please, neighbor, read u/ApocalypticShadowbxn 's comment and really take it to heart.


RiverYuppy OP t1_j9rz0yh wrote

They must live in the fan. I see it everyday three blocks from my house.

No your average UR son of a lawyer drug dealer OP is probably familiar with doesn’t do this. But in highland park they clearly do.


vtbeavens t1_j9fw045 wrote

Maybe if the RPD's priorities were properly aligned you'd see murdering of snacks at 7-11, not people.