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ChuckBS t1_jadlmur wrote

Ironwood Automotive is really solid.


em6891 t1_jaet7x9 wrote

Another vote for ironwood, especially if you have own a Toyota/Lexus or Honda/Acura.


guiltyofnothing t1_jadnuw7 wrote

David Word Automotive. Had my cat stolen. Dealership said it would be 3 weeks before they could even look at it. David Word had a replacement installed the next day. Great people.


i_need_a_lift t1_jaesxjj wrote

I once thought I needed a new transmission because there was an awful clanking coming from it at certain speeds. I took it to Weaver Transmission and told them I thought the transmission needed to be rebuilt. The next day they called to say it was just a chassis brace under the car missing a bolt, causing it to rattle at certain speeds.

They charged me like $50 to tighten it when I was fully prepared to pay them thousands to rebuild the transmission. So I'd trust them for transmission work even though I've never actually needed them to do any for me.


Lady-Meows-a-Lot OP t1_jaeujtt wrote

Oh wow, that isn’t even that far away from me in the museum district. Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, seems worth a shot!


MiloAshworthy t1_jae2npe wrote

I got to dorn auto and body off the mechanicsville turnpike. They have done great work to my jeep and my outback


dweeeebus t1_jaeeasn wrote

Axselle Auto in Lakeside


farberino t1_jadsz3m wrote

I like Carroll’s Auto on AA Blvd and Patterson. There is often a bit of a wait to get seen (usually no more than a few days) but they’ve always done good work on my cars and I never get the feeling that they’re trying to upsell me on anything.


RVAWTFBBQ t1_jadlwjq wrote

Never required transmission work but I've used Elliot Tire on Glenside for years, Jay/Kit are really nice dudes and have a fleet of really cool loaner cars if you'll be waiting a while.


Monstrous_13 t1_jadt3k1 wrote

Call Russell at Staples Mill Auto Service. Fast, to the point, no guesswork. Always has been helpful and honest to me, the only time he couldnt figure out what was wrong out of the many times ive been he didnt charge me a penny.


Available-Reward-912 t1_jaecg94 wrote

This is a hike for you but I promise it's worth it. They've done work for me on two cars and several of my brother's as well. Good people.

Jim's Automatic Transmission

11800 Murray Olds Ct, Midlothian, VA 23114