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augie_wartooth t1_j7dpyr4 wrote

Reply to comment by bigdaddyman6969 in RPD lies again! by MeanMasheen5

My guy, you’ve got some hot takes that are not really accurate and have said yourself you’re not a lawyer, so maybe just back off this one.


bigdaddyman6969 t1_j7drs7w wrote

It’s from the article homie. I realize it goes against “POLICE ALL BAD” narrative Reddit loves. But if you think that cops just decide what charges are brought and that’s the end of the story I don’t know what to tell you.


augie_wartooth t1_j7dxg1o wrote

You have no idea how the legal system works and look like a total fool right now.


bigdaddyman6969 t1_j7dymmd wrote

Your obviously upset and that’s fine- but you shouldn’t be rude. All I was saying is that the prosecutors have discretion on what cases to bring to trial. Once it was determined that that reason for the 911 call was going to be inadmissible- the prosecutor no longer felt they could try the case effectively.

Literally all of this is in the article. If I’m wrong on something here I’d love for you to point it out to me. But you won’t because your just emotional and lashing out.


MeanMasheen5 OP t1_j7dzrsq wrote

The article states the prosecutor brought the case forward because officer Yoon said that the defendant assaulted them. The body camera footage shows that that isn’t the case. The case wasn’t happening because of a 911 call. That wouldn’t ever be the case. The commonwealth attorney saying that the initial call was inadmissible further proves even more that they had no backing for their response or to prosecute. If that were the case than they could just go with the camera footage as their main evidence of assault.


oldguy_on_the_wire t1_j7eij9v wrote

Cops file the initial charges. The prosecutor decides to pursue, not pursue, or change the charges and purse.

But the cop files the initial charges when they seek a warrant from a magistrate.


LostDefectivePearl t1_j7g68un wrote

An actual cop is telling you you’re wrong and you can’t stop doubling down. Surely no bias there


MonkeyWrench1973 t1_j7e0m0r wrote

Cops literally take a "throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks" approach. ALL possible charges are filed with the DA, and the ones they can prove in court are the charges they move forward with.

Source: former Deputy Sheriff.