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newerbalance t1_ja01f76 wrote the front of that plane opens vertically, they fill it with american cigarettes, and it goes back to russia. at least it used to lol.


sleevieb t1_ja0lv36 wrote

I'm familiar with Antonov. Rip 225.

What I don't get is why the russians would pay the crazy premium of air lifting them in the most expensive cargo jet in the world back to russia.


rangerover-411 t1_ja1e2v8 wrote

Cigs were probably destined for Russia’s upper class. If the government uses them to reward loyalists, price is no object.


sleevieb t1_ja206vu wrote

I understand the inferrence but it is a big leap to think they are going to pay probably 10,000x the price to ship them via boat, or even a hundred times more than regular air freight, just so they will be on one cargo plane that can't even land at some airports.

its not like cigarettes are better fresh? or are they? i have never heard that.


AwsumMcCoolName t1_ja39lv1 wrote

You're looking at this the wrong way - rationality for normal people isn't a factor here.

Sure, you could wait a few weeks for normal shipping or use regular air freight, but instead you have the biggest cargo plane in the world filled with cigarettes straight from the biggest American manufacturer flown directly to your billionaire playhouse for the orgy. You do it because you can.


Metsican t1_ja1a3vo wrote

That's a Ukrainian plane - Antonov is a major Ukrainian cargo/heavy lift airline and also manufacturer.


NowIHaveAQuestion t1_ja1ancv wrote

Is it Russian? Looks like the Ukranian flag on the side of the plane. Although the photo was posted in 2015.