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RVAWTFBBQ t1_j9uknu6 wrote

Bad take. Pizza is great, beer is as good as it gets in Richmond unless you hate IPAs.


njbrews t1_j9uoen1 wrote

Triple Crossing is actually amazing if you hate IPAs, the veil is the place i'd said is a bad place to go if you hate IPAs


memorex00 t1_j9wu5ml wrote

Don’t forget about the dress code for Veil. Tight pants only.


againer t1_j9ultrm wrote

Beer is good. Food is mediocre. I've been there multiple times. Every time it's taken close to an hour and a half to get pizza. I got food last night that came out undercooked.

I had to go to the bar order drinks / get refills. Server never checked on us after we got our food.