Submitted by Sillloc t3_112g3hk in rva

I don't normally have allergies or anything, but as of last week whenever I open my window at work my eyes burn and it smells almost like burnt rubber.

Is there anything burning near the city, or any new allergens or anything? Anyone else notice a weird smell outside?

I work from home out near Chamberlayne if it matters.



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InsanoLaneo t1_j8lawmi wrote

The last week my eyes have been allergy itching like crazy. Figured it was just the warm temps boosting some early spring allergens.


Sillloc OP t1_j8lbn21 wrote

Like I said I don't usually get allergies so maybe it's a bad year for me or something. I wouldn't say it was itchy though, definitely more like burning like chemically


IEatHard t1_j8mm77v wrote

The same thing was reported in East Palestine, Ohio due to hazardous fumes cause by a derailment of several train cars, burning for a whole day. I don’t imagine it could travel this far but just wanted to point that out


goldzounds t1_j8qe5ia wrote

I had this thought too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had traveled here, it’s not that far in the grand scheme of things. Remember the wildfires in CA during COVID? It was hazy here for like a week


speakeasyow t1_j8mu7kw wrote

We had that last week, turned out to be covid


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_j8jvvqh wrote

There’s some light industry near Chamberlayne Avenue closer in the city.


Sillloc OP t1_j8jw0ft wrote

I'm not that close to the city, and it's not something that I've noticed before this week. Did a new plant or something open?


LostDefectivePearl t1_j8wrys6 wrote

I got bit my a mosquito in my backyard yesterday. My money is on allergies.


10698 t1_j8jzorf wrote

Sorry, I live in Oak Grove. I can't smell it over the persistent stench of sewage in this neighborhood.


i_need_a_lift t1_j8mpjfa wrote

Yesterday I drove down Chamberlayne from I-295 to Laburnum with the top down in my convertible but didn't notice anything unusual.